Mercedes-Benz C230 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz C230 Inside Grab Handles/Upholstery/Door Trim Panels May Delaminate

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Inside grab handles, the upholstery on the center console cover, and door trim panels can delaminate. Most commonly replacement of the affected part is necessary.

The passenger door handle is so broken/lose/weak/, I tried gluing it and it didn't work. Door handles are cheap and not sturdy at all. -
Replaced both door grabs on the inside of the vehicle. The first was covered under the 50,000 warranty and second just cost me $237.00. Is this a recalled item by Mercedes? -
Both inside handles came off - the top part. It seems to be a defect if this occured at the same time. It sucks that something so simple can cause so much incovenience. How can Mercedes Benz allow this? -
Both Handles one side popped out first, later broke the entire handles. I purchase the parts from Benz dealer for $45 each, paid $150 for labor. -
Car's got relatively low miles for her age & I way barely 100 pounds. Happy to learn that I didn't break the door pulls with my "brute force". -
passenger inside door handle broke -
Inside grab handles came loose and needed to be repaired. It seemed silly to buy new ones and reattach them and have to remove the panels of the door, so instead we used a epoxy to reattach and they have held great for about 2 years now. -
I have replaced the passenger side inside door grab twice. -
need the panel part with arm rest. driver side need arm rest part only -
upon closing the drivers door with normal force the inside handle broke completely away from the door. Approximately two weeks later the identical situation occurred to the front passenger door. -
Door handles broke off, console de-laminated. -
will talk to dealership about this -
Inside door handle broken on both doors -
Inside passenger door handle popped out/broke at top. It pulled out of the socket/part inside the door. Not sturdy at all. -
both handles came off in the front. -
Had to buy another one for 48.oo buck for the second time -
Center console cover delaminates and looks permanently dried out and dirty. -
The inside pull handle of both sides of my car have pulled loose. Also the side door arm rest material has deteriorated. The third thing is the glove box in the between the seats will not close. -
Inside door handle - front seat passenger side. Top part of handle broken. Second time this has happened - first time at about 32,000 miles. Had first one fixed at dealer for ~$200. This time I ordered the part on ebay from Keenan Motors LTD for $37 plus $5 shipping. Will fix it myself this time. And I will have the broke piece to see if I can glue in a reinforcement for when it fails again. -
all chromed areas on handles plus center cup holder PEELING -