Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC Inside Grab Handles/Upholstery/Door Trim Panels May Delaminate

(13 reports)

Inside grab handles, the upholstery on the center console cover, and door trim panels can delaminate. Most commonly replacement of the affected part is necessary.

Passenger side door handle comes loose when pulling to close door -
Indoor pax side handle loose and needed replacement -
Interior door handle/armrest (both sides) falling off. -
Front passnger door grab handle snapped off. Mixed super epoxy glue and repaired myself. Has held for years! -
My inside door handle apparently has come loose everytime you close the drivers door. Also the sunroof keeps acting up when open and then trying to close. It will almost close and reopen to halfway. I was shown a simple fix for the later but must have forgotten. Because can't get the problem resolved on my own. Finally the gas cap cable has snapped and will no longer hold the cap from falling when pumping gas -
door handle came off on said door has to be taken apart to fix it... -
Driver side inner handle broken, passanger side come off from door panel. Rear passanger side door nob not working ca not open door from out side have to open from inside. -