Inside door panel ( plastic covering ) on 1999 Toyota Camry

Does the plastic inside my front doors ( the blue plasic from toyota ) serve a purpose. Because it seems I have a major moisture build up sometimes, I did have the electric window motors replaced, but they just ripped the plastic off & threw it out. Do I need to place this & if so is can it be done at a low cost.

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The plastic is a moisture barrier shield between the door and the inner door panel , is it important yes but you say you have a major moisture build up sometimes which makes me think you have more serious problem. does your" moisture build up" occur only after it rains or after you wash your car could it be another source of a leak (ie a windscreen leak or sunroof leak?
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I have a '97 Camry that the driver side window motor went bad and had it replaced recently. The guy who did the work for me tore the plastic in pieces and threw it away. Now I'm getting a LOT of wind noise while driving. Problem is, I can't seem to find a new plastic moisture barrier for my Camry. Will any type of plastic do? Like maybe a 4 or 5 mil plastic used for a vapor barrier underneath houses? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!