input and output speed sensors on 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

were are the input and output speed sensors

by in Jane Lew, WV on May 13, 2009
0 answers
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It wouldn't change gears so we took it to a transmission shop. The mechanic there said it had an open circuit but he would have to search for it. I am wanting to know how to check the input and out...
just changed both speed sensors
did any one have the transmission just stop .no noise no sliping.came up to a stop sign,then previous trans.problems at all.fluid is not burnt its at the full level mark.did a input or o...
An intermittent loss of speed control can happen soon after the transaxle input or output speed sensor has been replaced. The problem is most likely caused by bad connectors.
From time to time, more frequently recently the engine will die when I come to a stop like at an intersection. No engine codes and the speedometer works. I have changed out the crank case sensor a...

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