2002 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2002 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Input and output speed sensors

I replaced both of my wifes speed sensors and now the instrument panel don't work and it still shifts funny how do I fix that? -
Answer 1
Because of the complex nature of the electrical system, I suggest that you take your vehicle to your local dealership for diagnosis. -
Answer 2
I think you had trans shifting problems before. Was this before or after someone added a additive or wrong fluid? Did trouble start 10k - 20k later? If so start by complete trans change of fluid to genuine Chrysler fluid probably ATF-4 and filter NO ADDITIVE. It may save you a new trans. As far as sensors do you know what electronic cleaning spray and dielectric grease is? This makes oxidized connections work for signals and low voltages computers work with. Your wife uses a type of cleaner to get oxidation off silver ware but don't use it. By cleaning every connection you have had loose and applying the dielectric grease you may fix it.. -
Answer 3
First of all the dodges are known for transmission problems. You will normally start having issues be it truck, car, or van when you get closer to 100k. Trucks normally only require both transmission input and output solenoids, some cars as well; however if you replace the modules and it still in limp mode, you will have to fork out the money to by a transmission solenoid (goes under the hood and attaches to the tranny). Still having problems then you need to have the transmission rebuilt along with replacing the transmission control solenoid then have it flashed by the dealer. I would recommend getting your control solenoid online with a warranty. -
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