Ford Excursion Problem Report

Ford Excursion Inoperative Door Locks Due to Resistance in Circuit

(31 reports)

One or more of the door locks may become inoperative due to resistance in the circuit. In some cases, replacement of all actuators will be required to correct this issue.

Same issue, all actuators do not unlock doors with remote, they only move a smallamount. -
Inop door lock actuators-all four doors. Door ajar issue as well fixed with wd40 -
how to remove left front door panel -
power door locks stoped working on part of doors -
Replaced all door lock actuators, even the rear one. -
All locks failed, not repaired yet -
Powered locks do not work. -
electric door locks stopped working -
Not fixed yet, but the drivers door is the only door that locks and unlocks with the remote. -
Frist the driver door went and then the rear driver side passenger door stopped locking and unlocking. just about to order 2 actuators now and see what happens. -
Auto door locks inop -
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