Inner Tie Rod replacement on 2002 Ford Mustang

OMG, the dealer said they'd charge me a mere $525 to replace my left inner tie rod. Is that the actual price? That can't be right. Even on here, the estimate is 245 from the dealer, which I was prepared for, not over 500. How much should I really pay for this?

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Shouldn't be that much - unless their hourly rate is about $250.
Official labor guide:

Inner Tie Rod F6SZ3280BA $66.78
Inner Tie Rod One Side 1.3 Hour

I guess they will perform a wheel alignment too, I wonder how much they charge for that? Should be around $80-100.

So 1.3 x their hourly rate.
+ 66.78
+ wheel alignment

Could you share the details of the estimate with us?