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  • Terry Inmon, Owner
  • Established 1959
  • 2 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 1 ASE Certified Auto Technician
  • 60 Years of Car Repair Experience

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41 Verified Reviews
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by - Verified Customer April 11, 2017

Great job Inmon!

by - Verified Customer April 11, 2017

Great job.

by - Verified Customer April 09, 2017

Inmon was right on the job, early Monday morning as I had to have my truck towed Sat. afternoon, thinking I blew the engine. Inmon opens at 8am and I called them at about 8:15, and they had already figured out what the problem was and had the parts on order. I just do not know what I would do without Inmon.

by - Verified Customer April 05, 2017

The shop is a honest and dependable shop, I would recommend it.

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by - Verified Customer March 29, 2017

Very happy with the experience.

by - Verified Customer March 26, 2017

I was very pleased. Glad my mom convinced me to bring my car to Inmon.

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by - Verified Customer March 22, 2017

Great staff and good work.

by - Verified Customer March 21, 2017

Great as is every time we have anything done at Inmon's!

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by - Verified Customer March 15, 2017

Took a while to figure out what was wrong, but the fix helped. It uncovered some other problems that will need to be addressed, but it's going in the right direction. I've used Inmon for quite a while and have definitely never felt pressured.

by - Verified Customer March 14, 2017

I feel like JP and Ivan really care about my well being and were diligent in figuring out what was wrong with my car and fixed it quickly. I have not had any issues since I left.

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by - Verified Customer March 14, 2017

Wife got her oil changed in a timely and efficient manner.

by - Verified Customer March 13, 2017

Service was preformed to my satisfaction.

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by - Verified Customer March 09, 2017

It is always a pleasure doing business with Inmon Automotive Services!

by - Verified Customer March 07, 2017

Recondition part first installed was defective and had to be replaced. This was not your fault. Maybe you need to chose a better parts supplier.

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by - Verified Customer March 06, 2017

Excellent communication and work.

by April 15, 2015

They are honest, straightforward and they always do what they can to help you.

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by April 12, 2015

Very good customer service, they are friendly and they do good work.

by - Verified Customer April 09, 2015

They were good, they got me right in on a Friday and they got the the work done quickly.

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by April 09, 2015

I have been doing business with them for the past 15 years. They are honest, dependable and I trust them.

by - Verified Customer April 08, 2015

Overall good service, they were quick and their prices were just right. They don't overcharge for their work.

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by - Verified Customer April 02, 2015

They are the most honest shop in the area, they keep the cost of their repairs low so that everyone can afford them. They are very respectful, they treat everyone like family.

by - Verified Customer April 02, 2015

I always take my car there and they always take good care me.

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by - Verified Customer April 01, 2015

I like the way they work, they were punctual and they did all of the work they said needed to be done.

by - Verified Customer April 01, 2015

They are excellent, courteous accommodating and they are a local shop that we know and can trust.

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by March 31, 2015

They do good work and I have never had any problems with them.

by - Verified Customer March 26, 2015

They seem to do good work, but my last repairs didn't hold up so I need to go back in.

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by - Verified Customer March 25, 2015

They provide wonderful service, the work is done on time and I am never dissatisfied with the work they do.

by - Verified Customer March 24, 2015

They are very honest and trustworthy people.

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by - Verified Customer March 23, 2015

They did very good work, I didn't find any issues with the work and I really like them.

by - Verified Customer March 23, 2015

We have used them for years and we have been very satisfied with their services.

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by - Verified Customer March 22, 2015

They have good service and they are quick. I have been going there for a number of years and I will continue to go to them.

by - Verified Customer March 17, 2015

I haven't had any issues with them, they never try to sell me services that I don't need. They are fair and trustworthy.

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by - Verified Customer March 16, 2015

Great service. They explain all of the work, they know what they are doing and they are very competent.

by - Verified Customer March 16, 2015

They are really good. They do what you ask them to, and they charge reasonable prices.

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by - Verified Customer March 15, 2015

They have always done everything we needed, and they have taken good care of us and our vehicles.

by March 15, 2015

They do pretty good work and they only do the work I ask for.

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by - Verified Customer March 12, 2015

They are wonderful and they know what they are doing.

by - Verified Customer March 11, 2015

Good service at a reasonable price.

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by - Verified Customer March 11, 2015

They are very professional and very courteous people.

by March 11, 2015

They helped me out when I really needed them, and they solved all of the problems with my car in a timely manner.

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Inmon Automotive Services was established way back in 1957 and has been proudly serving Merritt Island and the surrounding area ever since. This RepairPal Certified shop features a very experienced and well trained team who are equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to service today's modern vehicles. Repairs performed here can range from minor and major mechanical repairs, to check engine light diagnosis and repairs, to tires and wheel alignment, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. All this work is backed by a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. Our survey of their recent customers revealed a group who describe the team here as: “honest”, “accommodating”, “professional”, “courteous”, and "wonderful". A local shuttle service, early bird drop off, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are available for your convenience.



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We have been serving Central Brevard & Titusville since 1959 and we are a family owned and operated business. iATN affiliated. Thank you for choosing Inmon Automotive, a Repair Pal Certified Shop!

We're a family owned and operated full service preventative maintenance and auto repair center. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, guaranteed service you can trust at a fair price.

Established in 1959 north of Melbourne in central Merritt Island, we've been providing Brevard county drivers with superior service for over 56 years. We use the latest diagnostic equipment and our Technicians are ASE Certified.


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Questions Answered by Inmon Automotive Services
I was told I needed a new compressor &...
If the AC comes on and blows, but doesn't blow cold, the most likely culprits are no or low refrigerant charge, or a failed compressor. If you've verified that your system does have a full charge - it's likely that your compressor is unable to develop normal operating pressures, even with a full charge of refrigerant, and it will need to be replaced. The accumulator can harbor contaminates that will damage your new compressor, so compressor manufacturers will not provide a warranty on your new compressor if the accumulator/reciever-dryer is not replaced at the same time. AC repairs can be expensive. Your best bet is to deal with a reputable shop, and fix it right the first time, rather than spending money trying to "save" money on cheaper fixes that don't get the job done.
You didn't say why you replaced the radiator, was it leaking or not circulating? In either case, your overheating now may be a simple case of air trapped in the cooling system creating an obstruction. Having said that, there are a few other possibilities: a cooling fan failure; fan relay or switch failure; water pump not circulating; clogged heater core; blown head gasket; your new thermostat is bad - it happens- it's rare, but it happens. Getting to the bottom of your overheating issue is critical; overheating your van's engine can cause serious damage. If bleeding your cooling system doesn't cure the problem, it may be time to seek professional help.
The check engine light is like your significant other saying "we need to talk". Maybe they've been thinking about a long weekend away together - or - maybe they plan on spending that long weekend away with someone else.
Behind every check engine light is a numerical code identifying which system is malfunctioning, and the nature of the malfunction. Most professional auto repair shops and national auto parts houses in our area are happy to retrieve the code, (or codes as the case may be) at no charge. It may be similar in your area. Knowing which code is setting the check engine light is crucial to taking the right steps to protect your engine. It's very common for a loose gas cap to cause your check engine light to come on. Each time you start your engine, your car performs a series of self tests in many systems, including the emissions system. A primary emissions system check is for vacuum. A loose gas cap would naturally make it impossible for the system to create or "pull" a vacuum. This could explain the association between your getting gas and the light coming on.
I suggest next time the check engine light comes on, make it a priority to find out what code(s) is (or are) behind it. Have the code pulled as soon as possible. If indeed it is a simple failure to pull vacuum, you could try replacing the gas cap. A smarter move would be to have the emissions system tested for leaks; it’s a fairly simple test which usually takes about an hour. The leak could be occurring anywhere from the fuel tank, to the intake. Let an expert pin point the location of the leak and spend your money on replacing exactly, and only, what needs to be replaced, instead of guessing your way through some potentially expensive repairs.
If your 2010 Kia Soul is equipped with 2.0L engine, the timing belt interval would be @60,000 miles or 48 months. The water pump is driven by and is behind the timing belt - and we recommend that it be replaced at the same time. Other possibilities include the timing belt tensioner and idler pulley. If you haven't replaced your drive belt and/or upper and lower radiator hoses, this might be a good time to consider those as well. It all depends on whats been done, and the condition of what's on there now.

The 2010 Soul was also offered with a 1.6L, which is shown in our labor guide as using a timing chain. Timing chains aren't changed on a regular basis or maintenance interval. In fact, unless they become noisy and cause concern over their reliablity, they'll never be changed.

Either way, the timing belt or chain keeps the top half of the engine working in "time" with the bottom half of the engine. If one fails, it can cause catastrophic engine damage. If you're unsure if or when this critical maintenance was performed it may be wise to err on the side of caution and get it done as soon as possible. We actually have a Honda here now that a client bought (used) for her son to take to college; it's timing belt broke the first week they had it, and now it needs a new engine.

Hope this answers your question.
Had someone plug a machine to the car to c...
First let me congratulate you on responding to your check engine light. Your P0014 indicates your cars ECM (main brain) has determined there is a difference between what it wants the camshaft position angle to be, and what it actually is. The camshaft opens and closes your engines valves - a pretty important task. If they don't open exactly when and at the precise angle they're supposed to, they may be seriously damaged.

This code is frequently set due to low engine oil level, low oil pressure, or dirty or degraded engine oil. Do you have an oil leak? When was the last time you changed your oil and filter?

It's also entirely possible that the code is setting due to a more serious root cause: an improperly installed camshaft, camshaft actuator or timing chain. Have you had any major engine repairs lately? In my opinion this is a rather serious code and should be properly diagnosed by a qualified technician. Failure to correctly respond to this code could have you shopping for a new car.

Good luck!
I have to pull over and shut it off and it...
There is a known ETB (electronic throttle body)uto defect with some Ford's that would certainly cause the engine to cut out or shut down. The "wrench" light is known to appear on the instrument cluster when this failure occurs. Driving a car that has an unresolved pattern of shutting itself off while underway is extremely dangerous. Find a shop you can trust (check for the Repair Pal Certified shops in your area) and let them get to the bottom of this before you have an accident. Good luck.
The odds are pretty good that you have a problem with your shift interlock return. There is a "Campaign" for 2007-2008 Dodge Avengers, and Chrysler Sebring sedans and convertibles. My personal car is a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and this happened to me. A small, plastic retainer breaks making it impossible to shift out of the "Park" position. You would be wise to contact your local Chrysler/Dodge dealer and ask them to check for any "Campaigns" TSB's( technical service bulletins) or Recalls by your vehicles VIN - it may be covered under one of those. Ask specifically about "Customer Satisfaction Notification K16". If they won't repair at no cost to you, I suggest having it towed to a reputable independent shop to have it properly repaired. The correct repair is to install a new steel reinforcement clip. Good luck!
Go to About one third of the way down from the top of the page is a blue link : VIN search. Click on the link, and enter your Vehicle Identification Number where instructed. This should provide you with all recalls specific to your vehicle. Good luck!
If you replace the compressor you must replace the "receiver-drier/accumulator" or the manufacturer of your new compressor will not provide a warranty. Oftentimes when a compressor fails, it sends debris throughout the system. Without inspecting it, it's hard to say whether the condensor could be a problem. You could try flushing it - be very thorough if you go this route. Don't skimp on the drier. Good luck.
Why cant i change my own timing chain?
The timing chain's job is to keep the top of the engine "in time" with the bottom of the engine. There's a lot going on in there, and it's all happening really fast. The margin for error when setting the timing, whether timing belt or timing chain is extremely narrow. If this van is in otherwise good mechanical condition and is providing good service, I wouldn't trust this job to anyone other than an experienced, well respected repair shop. Save your do it yourself skills for less critical repairs. Good luck.
Can you be more specific about the location of the air leak? Do you have a check engine light on? If yes, have you had someone read the code and what is it? There are many places that could be leaking air - most of them vacuum related. The simple answer is to replace the leaking component - but that could be tubing, a gasket, charcoal canister, plastic intake manifold................................
You have 2 of the necessary ingredients. It looks like you may be missing compression. A qualified independent shop should be able to perform a compression test for you at a reasonable price. Good luck!
i turn it on and it will idle then 2 sec l...
Anytime the oil light comes on you'd be wise to seek out professional help. For example, you could have the correct volume of oil - but the oil pump has failed and it's not getting to the top of the motor. Your car is telling you not to run the engine until something related to the engine oil is resolved. Listen to it - and find a reliable independent shop to help you. Good luck!
Vehicle drives really good. Doesnet pull t...
Your vehicle's suspension is engineered to maintain stability and shouldn't shimmy or shake when you're braking or hitting a bump. Suspension failures can cause more than uneven tire wear and may even cause you to loose control of your car. Your Taurus is telling you it's time to find a trusted mechanic to test drive and then inspect the suspension on a lift. Sooner is better than later. Good luck.
Go to You'll see the "Recalls lookup by VIN". Look for the bold type "Enter VIN here" and enter your 17 digit (both letters and numbers) vehicle ID# in the box provided. You can find the number on your vehicle registration, insurance ID card, or inside the drivers door jamb on a sticker installed at the factory. This should provide you with all recalls specific to your vehicle. Good luck!
goes from full to loww then back
Sounds like you may have a faulty fuel level sending unit. Before you start replacing anything, please consult a qualified repair shop. Have them properly determine the cause of your erratic gauge, and fix it right the first time. Hope this helps and good luck to you!
Hydraulic fan and pump replaced in past 6 ...
If your mechanic couldn't find the leak - but a "mild" leak is now "substantial" it has to be going somewhere. I'd have them look at your intake manifold and head gasket. A substantial coolant leak is nothing to take lightly. You can go from a minor repair to major engine damage in a heartbeat. Good luck!
You do need a system full of refrigerant for your AC to blow cold air. If that's your issue, WHY it won't hold a charge is what you need to know. It's leaking from somewhere:compressor, condenser, evaporator, ac line, valve. . . your fix is to replace the leaking component, and whatever parts are customarily replaced along with it. Find a mechanic who will tell you WHY it won't hold a charge - ie, WHAT is leaking, what has to be replaced, and what kind of warranty will they provide? Good luck!
If the AC comes on and blows, but doesn't blow cold, the most likely culprits are either a no or low refrigerant charge, or a failed compressor. If you've verified that your system does have a full charge - it's likely that your compressor is unable to develop normal operating pressures, even with a full charge of refrigerant, and it will need to be replaced. The accumulator can harbor contaminates that will damage your new compressor, so compressor manufacturers will not provide a warranty on your new compressor if the accumulator/reciever-dryer is not replaced at the same time. AC repairs can be expensive. Your best bet is to deal with a reputable shop, and fix it right the first time, rather than spending money trying to "save" money on cheaper fixes that don't get the job done. Good luck!
It has 80,000 miles on it and has never gi...
If your coolant was boiling –you likely have a coolant circulation problem. A few suspects come to mind: a failed water pump, clogged radiator, stuck thermostat – or cooling fan failure. Let’s talk about moving water/coolant first. Waterpumps move the coolant by way of spinning impellers that wear down over time and can no longer push the water through to transfer the engine’s heat to the radiator. The thermostat operates like a door – opening and closing - to maintain an optimum - not too hot, not too cold – engine operating temperature. The radiator is the place where hot coolant becomes cool so that it can return to the block and grab more heat and take it away. If the fluid makes it to the radiator, it gets cooled by traveling through tubes that are cooled by cooler air passing over them. That air comes from your forward motion down the road, and from the action of the radiator cooling fan. A failure of any of these, the water pump, thermostat, radiator or cooling fan could cause disastrous overheating. If you’re a do it yourself-er, you may be able to replace any or all of these yourself, along with fresh coolant. You’d also do well to consider replacing your primary cooling system hoses and your serpentine belt while you’re restoring your cooling system’s good health.
However, an engine that’s been overheated to the point of boiling deserves to be thoroughly checked out by a qualified technician. Don’t be surprised if they test for a head gasket leak. Severe overheating is the cause of head gasket failures, and those only get worse, not better, left unrepaired. Two more good reasons to seek professional help - they can quickly isolate which part is failing you (instead of guessing, or replacing all of them) and they'll be able to find out why your warning lights didn’t alert you to a potentially catastrophic problem! Look for a Repair Pal Certified shop near you for a professional you can trust.

Hope this helps and good luck!
This is first time drove fine getting to m...
Hi Christopher - Many GM vehicles are equipped with aluminum brake calipers which can bind after installing new pads. That may be why your Pontiac "won't move" now. Even "new" or remanufactured aluminum calipers can be problematic. (Frankly we've seen it happen with steel on occasion too, but aluminum calipers are always a concern.) If you're up to it, I would first remove the newly installed calipers and inspect their ability to slide in and out. Your other option is to find a trustworthy local independent shop to sort it out for you. Either way, properly functioning brakes are critical to your driving safety. Not a place to cut corners or take short cuts. Good luck!
I agree that a "tune-up" may be in order - but you could also have some obstruction in your exhaust, specifically the catalytic converter, that at this point is only partially blocking the exhaust when you're under load on an incline. After awhile the heart of the catalytic converter literally comes apart and pieces of it block the exhaust making it hard for your engine to exhale, and the condition will only get worse. I'd certainly want to rule that out before paying for a tune up when you may need to put that cash toward new catalytic converter.
Good luck!

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