injectors wont fire on 1994 Ford Explorer

I have replaced the pump, sock , filter, regulator, rail, injectors, plugs, wires, oil n filter, new battery, and all new relays for the ignition and fuel system. I have 100+ psi all the way to the rail and back out. all plugs are firing. timing is perfect. it fires right up when you spray starting fluid into the intake. why wont it run?

way too much fuel pressure. it should only be around 50 lbs.

crank sensor controls the firing of the injectors.
stop throwing parts at it and get some real help from a shop to verify your findings.

thanks for that bit of insight but the whole point of this website is for people to help people right? next time you reply to someone maybe you should realize just what you are doing and where you do it. I simply asked for some direction. Not the endorsement of a shop. Besides most of those parts needed replaced anyway. the vehicle sat for over 2 years.
I am not there to see your vehicle or know what you did or if you did it correctly. We give advice based on your postings. sorry you feel this way but that is the way it is. if i was there and could see it, it would be different.