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2002 Toyota Corolla Question: Injector Failure after Water Pump Replaced

Hi, I had my water pump replaced about 4 weeks ago. I had NEVER noticed any problems with my car. It always drove smoothly and quietly. It has 75000 miles on it. After I got my car back from the water pump surgery, I immediately noticed more vibrating in the engine when the car warmed up in the morning. Then last week, while at a red light it would vibrate as if it was going to stall. (I remember what that was like from the old cars before fuel injection.) Then Friday the check engine light came on, My mechanic says I have an injector failure and he wants to replace ALL FOUR injectors for over $1000 (parts and labor). Is is possible he did something when replacing the water pump to make this happen all of a sudden? Is he charging a reasonable rate? Thanks so much!! John Schping -
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