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Infiniti FX35 Problems

Engine -- Verified

The fuel filler hose may crack and cause a leak when refueling, which
could lead to fire. A recall was issued and the fuel hose will be
replaced under warranty.

Miscellaneous -- jwgrahamjr

Popped open hood to find coolant sprayed all over the top of the engine. Hoses appeared intact. Coolant reservoir was empty. Radiator cap looked fine.

Diagnosed problem by bringing the engine to operating temperature and watching the coolant spray out of the radiator.

Issue was the radiator was cracked along the top (where it is plastic). Replaced the radiator.

Suspension & Steering -- jwgrahamjr

Started noticing a grinding noise from the right front when cornering at low speed. Eventually the noise became constant at low speed. Diagnosed by putting it on a lift, spinning the wheel and wiggling the tire back and forth. Replaced wheel bearing assembly.

Infiniti FX35 Recalls (Recent)

Brakes, January 5, 2004

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The mounting bolts for the front brake calipers may not be tight. If the bolt backs out, the brake caliper could separate or rotate away from the bracket and the brake will fail at that wheel. It could also damage the wheel and cause a flat tire. Either condition could result in a crash. Dealers will tighten the mounting bolts to ensure they are secured.

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Drive Train, May 27, 2003

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The bolts that attach the drive shaft to the transaxle and differential may not be tight. If the bolts come loose, the drive shaft may come off the vehicle, which could result in a crash. Dealers will replace the drive shaft bolts and tighten them to the proper specification. The recall began May 27, 2003. The Nissan recall number is ITB03-032.

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Electrical & Lights, December 18, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

It was found in compliance testing that some rear combination lamp assemblies did not meet illumination standards. This is against the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard. Dealers will replace the rear combination lamp assemblies. The recall began December 18, 2006. The Infiniti recall number is R0607.

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Electrical & Lights, December 18, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Some headlight assemblies so not meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for photometric values. Dealers will replace the headlight assemblies. The recall began on December 18, 2006. The Infiniti recall number is R0608.

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Engine, February 27, 2006

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The fuel filler hose may crack and result in fuel leaking while filling the gas tank. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can cause a fire. Dealers will replace the fuel filler hose. The recall began on March 13, 2006. The Infiniti recall number is R0508 and the Nissan recall number is R0505.

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Infiniti FX35 Questions and Answers

midnita, 2003 Infiniti FX35, Cerritos, CA

All four of my brake pads were replaced, but my car is still making a loud squeaking noise when I brake. Why is this?

Visitor, 2003 Infiniti FX35, Conyers, GA

how to remove rear brakes

tejdesai7, 2003 Infiniti FX35, Schaumburg, IL

My 2003 Infiniti FX35 passenger-side seat has two automatic seat adjusting buttons. The button that moves the seat as a whole forward and back works, but the button that moves just the top part of ...

stalled FX35, 2003 Infiniti FX35, Seattle, WA

vehicle has stalled 3 times in one month at a stop and idling. service engine light, slip, and vdc off light come on. power remains on but I have to restart engine. At that point it takes a few ext...

Visitor, 2003 Infiniti FX35, Flower Mound, TX

My car light or engine light comes on and off. The car runs fine, and I don't want any big cost

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Infiniti FX35 Reviews

I bought my 2004 FX35 with 1800 miles on it. I absolutely adored this car from the beginning. It did have some issues that the dealer took care of right away. The only problem I have after 120k miles is the driver door lock and window. I now have to manually lock the driver door and during the winter and I cannot open my window all the way as it will not go back up by itself. Other than that I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Amazing vehicle. Smooth, fast, sporty. Elevated like an SUV but handling like a real sports car and with the acceleration. It comes with lots of bells and whistles, and much more tech stuff than any other. The 7 speed Automatic transmission is perfect, especially when coupled with the steering mounted paddles for shifting. They can be used immediately and when you stop using them the transmission goes back to Drive. When in Drive, i found that the transmission shifts smoothly down or up and it's always in the right gear. The only problem I found was when accelerating on 7th speed, there is a lag there perhaps because it has to gear down a few gears to get the power. The best thing is to use the paddle or the tiptronic shifter.
All in all, a fun to drive luxury SUV.

I am so dissapointed and angry with my car! I serviced it regularly. At about 101000 miles they detected an oil leak in the engine. It was a costly repair. Approx. 3 months later, the engine light came on again, took it to the dealership, couldn't find a reason, advised that I bring it back in 1000 miles. Very inconvienent for me. I didn't go back. Did have oil changes done regularly, not at the dealership. At 120000 my engine light started coming on. The dealership diagnosed it as a ruined engine, ruined rings, advised me to sell it. Why pay for an expensive, high performance car if you can't get longevity???
This was my second Infiniti....never again. Watch your engine, especially around the 100,000 mile mark!

This car is amazing. I've been an SUV guy for about 20 years (I was a very early adopter with a Mitsubishi Montero, Isuzu Amigo, and Toyota 4Runner). In addition we bought my wife a Lexus RX330 which is a great riding SUV (very much like a sedan but with better height/visibility). But the FX35 is the best of all the cars I've owned by far. It looks great, is comfortable, with well laid out controls, and performs like a champ. Steering and suspension are solid but not so "sporty" as to be rough. Acceleration is a blast -- not enough to smoke a BMW X5or Porsche Cayenne, but enough kick to enjoy driving every day.

Decent stock stereo (with iPod/iPhone connector) and Bluetooth connectivity for my phone round out the package. Highly recommended!!!

This is the best car I have ever owned. I love it.

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