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Cant figure out why my floor boards are wet on both sides in front sides hopefully sone has thus problem and can tell me . And maybe the cost of the repair.it is all the time when it rains and when I us my a.c. unit a...
When I first start it. it will start. When it runs for about 10min or more and turn it off then try to start it again it will crank but won't start.
Think driver door and rear hatch sensors are worn out. Need to know part name I am replacing. Also, is job difficult??
It runs perfectly fine in park and neutral, however it dies as soon as it is shifted into any gear. I have been told that this is a neutral safety issue is this acurate?
Oil is not leaking from the gaskets or the pan is it the sending unit
all fuses are o.k.; light bulbs ok, wiring ok, light switch ok.
It was running fine until I filled up with mid grade fuel.
I can hear the fuel pump, all electrical is working, dash lights come on nice and bright, but the engine doesn't crank. Could it be my security system causing my car to not start? We tried a factory reset and nothin...
When I turn the air on, it will not blow out of the front vents, but it blows out of the defroster instead.
I replaced a battery six weeks ago. Sometimes car is dead after sitting all night, and gearshift is locked.No lights on panel, nothing. Battery and alternator check out fine. When jump started, car will run fine, alth...
im trying to get my car smogged and this is what the code reader is spittng out, i don't know what the primary ignition is
The main problem is lack of power and at one time it wold stall at a stop....Now it will not pass 3000rpm while driving. Recently had the Transmission flushed and did not help the problem. The codes i have been rese...