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losing power at 40 mph
My car needs: - New front and rear brake pads - Resurfacing of rotors - Two new wheel brake cylinders - Repack wheel bearings I am being quoted $800. Is this a reasonable quote?
We got the keys wet swimming and it was locked. the alarmed dtart going off so we pulled open the door took batterie off messed with fuses or something i just don't know where that box with the reset bottom or whatever
If I shift to neutral and raise the rpms a bit while I am setting there the temp goes back to normal
When I try using either unit tape or cd err is displayed. I tried disconnecting the battery cable for a few moments without any results.
Last year but its been sitting since havent even started it dont want to mess something else up
It will go off anytime, but mostly at night.
The swaying typically begins when I back off on the accelerator, but not always.
all doors are closed and light comes on when driving and you cant lock doors. sometimes in the midd le of night the alarm will go off or rear dome light will be on
I was backing out of drive way and it just died. it cranks but wont turn over I wasn't getting any spark so I replaced the distributer but now it still wont start I can hear the fuel pump but I don't know what else to do
The reason was Primary Emission Test Performed OBD - Failed. Also the report says OBD SYSTEM Diagnostic trouble code p0325, p0440, p0446, p1447. About how much would these cost to repair
I'm not able to understand how to drain or depress the front brakes on my infiniti QX4 model 1997.I desperately need to know how as it can possible be sent,it would be very much appreciated. Thank~You Very Much ...
How much will it cost me in parts and labor to install control arms?
I have never had this problem getting the shifter out of park. My foot is on the brake I've tried moving it around every which way. Is this a major problem or just something minor.