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I have no power getting to anything on my 1999 Infiniti. I replaced the starter and went to check that all was well, stopped at 3 stores and all started fine. Stopped at 4th store and now NOTHING. No lights, no cli...
There is no power to anything. I had replaced the starter and all seemed well as I went about my errands, but when I stopped at the third store I came out and it won't start. No interior lights, no clicking, just no...
Driving down the road, came to a stop, as i tried to accelerate, i realized the car would not move. What do i troubleshoot for, and how?
stoplight switch had fallen out, in effect allowing the switch to remain on all the time. Thanks anyway!
after replacing the sensor I also tried replacing ckt. still got same error code,and now it tells me that there is a link up error,it wont read,and the old ckt. is hooked bak up what could be the problem?
my car is overheating when i drive over 45 mph or when i turn the heater on. what could be causing this problem when the antifreeze is on full.
I changed stater.Than suddenly my battery dead. I changed new battery. Still the break & Battery symbol is on. What could be the problem.
where is the knock sensor located, how much would it cost to have it changed out?