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Already had it to the repair shop and the dealer. Recharged with Freon- No difference. Had all the pressures checked - ok.
My girl overt filed my think with laundry. I went to stay the cat and it ran for about 5 seconds. Now it just spins the flywheel. Seems like it is not getting fuel. I wad thinking she may have hit a switch or separate...
Oxygen sensors (3) replaced to correct rough engine performance. Mass air flow sensor also checked. Now the engine will race on its own several times in a short trip.
The hoses to the heater core appear to have pin holes in them. Are they special molded bends OEM. Or can normal hoses be used to replace and is it a DIY?
Problem disappears for several days after reset, then returns. Mechanic baffled.
Seems like the access to the bulb in the rear windshield break is in the trunk. But I cannot find the way to open it.
Emergency brake not set either. Seems to be a short in the system. Where would the best place to start looking? Have no schematics.
Took the car to mechanic about 3 weeks with knock sensor and injector error codes. He replace #2 injector (stuck open). About a week or so later, same error codes and bad miss reappeared. Mechanic replaced #1 injecto...
The egr valve has been blocked for 2 years and it has been running fine until lately. I can reset codes but 1105 and misfire on cylinder 4 keep coming up.
The dashboard light up like a Christmas tree randomly. Some times its even as bad as the radio blinks and turns off. it only happens about twice a week. Depending on how much i drive.
I have this problem every time I turn on the air conditioner. Have put in 2 cans of coolant & it is cooler but still not cold.
This only happens in drive at an idle.All other speeds it never misses.
Just purchased a new starter and the car still has intermittent starting problems
Pulled out of driveway in reverse put it in drive,went about 10ft heard a pop and like i was in neutral. No leaks, engines fine. What could be the problem?