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it skips and stalls during takeoff and/or acceleration,
are engine flushes bad on my I30? It currently has 227,000
should I get a engine flush?
"check engine" light is on. Diagnostics suggest no flow detected in EVAP in system
someone change my alternater and left a little wire unplug
Do u use water and antifreeze in radiator,or just antifreeze coolant??
I can't find anyone to tell me what this code means It states loss of serial communication between modules.
Just changed the oil today. While riving later, "service engine soon" light came on. Engine has recently been checked and serviced so ok. Dealer says I have to bring to him to turn off. Can I do it myself.
when the brake is applied with pressure a kick back feeling is felt
Going to pik-n-pull in the morning to take off a drivers side A Control Frame Arm (A arm) with my cousin need to tell him how long I need his help. Thankyou
heavy leak when car sets. started light now quite heavy
once it warms up an idles at 650....it seems to be fine.......still getting decent gas milage (22mpg) Just annoying in morn at stop light.
I just replaced with new battery but battery and brake warning light still on. Check brake system -Ok. How to turn the warning light off? email --ysu601@yahoo.com
The car won't pass emmissions codes PO400 PO440 PO446. Does anyone know the fix for those problems?
My car has this loud banging every time I drive and its rather annoying. Anyways I was told its the strut mount, so I went and bought the part but I need to install it but I don't know how. Is there any kind of websit...