The brake lights work, and if I replace the fuse it blows again. But the tail lights do not work.

sounds like a vacuum leak it will die on me but after going forward its ok but will choke down a little

he tried to start it but it didn't do any thing after discovering the problem we corrected it and tried to start it and it won't start now the car ran perfect prior to this we found the main fuse was blown and we checked all the fuseable links all were good still won't start fuel pumps working but found that it not getting fire any suggestions what else it would have hurt ? or what to test ?

Broke my key in driver door, got key out, ordered new key, now car won't start. Tried jumping the battery and only get a clicking noise by the alarm fuse. Once jumper cables are disconnected, nothing happens! Could it be my battery?


code reader had knock sensor bad. replaced it and its harness, along with the front crank sensor. fuel is ok but still no fire or spark.

I was driving one day and it cut off. When I tried to turn it back on it made a clicking/grinding sound. I assumed it was my flywheel/ starter. Mechanic says he can't do anything because the engine is locked and it needs to be replaced. I honestly don't want to junk it after I just put in a new compressor plus other repairs. Is it worth it to replace the engine. My mechanic is charging me $1,800.

has any body hard that problem before, if so please healp

it skips and stalls during takeoff and/or acceleration,

are engine flushes bad on my I30? It currently has 227,000

should I get a engine flush?

"check engine" light is on. Diagnostics suggest no flow detected in EVAP in system

someone change my alternater and left a little wire unplug

Do u use water and antifreeze in radiator,or just antifreeze coolant??

I can't find anyone to tell me what this code means
It states loss of serial communication between modules.