indicator lights on 2005 Lexus RX330

VSC/TRAC OFF and picture of engine with "CHECK" have suddenly appeared. car driving fine. oil and filters replaced about a week ago. dealership says could be minor or serious. Any advice?

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I have the same issue with my Rx 330 2005 the VSC-Trac Off light and "Check engine" light. Car drives fine. My mechanic thinks it is the combustion cap and wants to take the gas tank etc off... Should this be done? The car has 106,000 miles
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I had the same problem and brought my Lexus to the dealer and it cost me about 300.00 dollars beacause they said int was a switch that went bad on the brake pedal which send message to computer and these inicator light will go on. Another way to take your money.. complimentary coffee and donuts anyone.. someone has to pay for the "free" coffee and donuts.
Frequently the illumination of the Check Engine Light and the TRAC Off/ vehicle stability control light being on are all related to the one problem that turned on the Check Engine Light to begin with. Chase down the Check Engine Light problem and it will most likely fix all the problems. It could be a sign of something serious or not serious but until a scan tool is connected to the 16 pin diagnostic connector under the dash and codes are retrieved the problem can not be further diagnosed. If you are told what the trouble codes are (they will look like P0420, or P1124) we can explain what they mean and what the most likely cause of the problems are.