indicator light on 2006 Ford Escape

a light has appeared on the dash looks like an exclamation point with kind of a cirlce around it...what is this

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This is probably the low tire pressure warning light. Check the air pressure in all the tires, including the spare tire.
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The sensors that send a radio frequency to the computer (or receiver) are battery powered and don't last forever. I just bought a 2006 Escape this spring 2013, it has exactly the same problem. I imagine they are powered by a watch type battery and hopefully replaceable. The older sensors are held on the rim (inside the tire) by a strap while the newer ones are part of the air valve assembly. Care must be taken when removing tires so as not to damage this sensor. When tires are changed, the mechanic normally changes the valve. They use a special tool that pulls the valve out of the rim. If the mechanic is unaware that it is a sensor valve assembly, it might be a really expensive tire change if you want to keep the monitoring system!