Indicator Lamp under inside rear-view mirror fails to flash on 2008 BMW 328i

The car alarm light fails to flash. Is there a fuse that may be blown or is the LED out. What fuse controls this system. If the LED is blown, the cost of a new rear-view mirror runs approximately $700.00 if not more. Bought the car used and I see that there are some problems with it. Normally when closing the car the rear lights flash one time but my don't. Any suggestions on how to check the alarm system before I go to the dealer? Thanx...

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There are many features for your BMW that can be turned on and off by coding the relavent control modules. The settings are also stored in CKM (Car Key Memory) and can be customized to each individual vehicle key. We have the factory BMW diagnostic system and can perform the necessary coding to set the features (lighting, alarm functions / sounds, door lock operation, etc.)to your preference for each key. If you send me your VIN #, I can send you a list of the all of the customizable features for your car. You can then check the features and settings that you prefer for each key and I can recode those features into your vehicle. Please contact me for more information.

James Wallace
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Seatac, WA
Thank you for returning my reply. The VIN is as follows: WBAVA37568NL54106. Do I need a special instrument to insert the code? If I do, then more than likely I need to make an appointment with you and pay you for your services. Thanks ever so much for your help.

According to your VIN #, your car did not come equipped from the factory with DWA (Alarm). BMW makes a kit to retrofit the factory alarm to your vehicle. It runs about $600 + tax to install including parts, labor, and programming.

Thanks for inquiring.

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i have the same problem , so BMW comes with the LED light under the rear view mirror but does not light flassh. There has to be a way to make it flash as this is the purpose of the LED light. Weather you choose to have an alarm or not is not the question. If the LED come with the car it should flach to scare off the person that wants to rob your car. BMw should make it flash when the doors lock. What do you think.