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  • Cory Larson, Owner
  • Established 2010
  • 2 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 1 ASE Master Auto Technicians
  • 44 Years of Car Repair Experience

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15 Verified Reviews
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by - Verified Customer April 05, 2013

Cory, the owner, is always very consultative. He is very knowledgeable with Audi.

by - Verified Customer April 03, 2013

He knows more about cars than anyone I have ever met in my entire life and he does a phenomenal job. He also prices extremely well.

by - Verified Customer April 02, 2013

It was really convenient. It is close and convenient. I liked that they had loaner cars, and the service was really friendly.

by - Verified Customer March 20, 2013

The owner is very helpful and knowledgeable about engines.

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by - Verified Customer February 19, 2013

I had quality work done on the vehicle, and the owner is very trustworthy.

by - Verified Customer January 18, 2013

He did the best and he is straightforward, and tells you what's wrong with your car. He's straightforward with all of his customers. He's a good guy.

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by - Verified Customer January 15, 2013

They have great service. It is very fair and they have a rental car available.

by - Verified Customer December 17, 2012

Cory is very fair and honest. I would say highly recommended.

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by - Verified Customer December 12, 2012

They are straight forward. They are fair and don't take advantage of you.

by - Verified Customer September 14, 2012

He's friendly and he's on time. He did a good clean job as far as other things. I'd definitely go back again. I just live in a different state now. Otherwise, he'd be my regular mechanic.

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by - Verified Customer August 02, 2012

I was very satisfied. However, they have moved 20 miles away so I'm not sure if I will use them again.

by - Verified Customer June 15, 2012

If I had another Audi I would take it to him.

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by - Verified Customer June 14, 2012

I would recommend Independence Auto to anybody who needs general repair.

by - Verified Customer June 07, 2012

I was pleased with how honest they were with the repairs and how well they communicated with what needed to be done.

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by - Verified Customer May 24, 2012

Cory was awesome. He is very easy to work with and very honest. If he feels somebody else can handle a problem better than he can, he will recommend that. I am very satisfied with the service there.

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Independence Auto has been serving the community of New Hope since 2010. Their owner Cory Larson has more than 20 years of automotive industry experience and takes great pride in his ability to take care of his customers. This certified shop received excellent customer feedback on our independent customer survey. Cory also employs an ASE Certified Master Technician and they have some on the best automotive tools and equipment available to service and repair your vehicle. For your convenience they also offer a local shuttle car service, free WiFi internet access and early bird/after hours drop-off.



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Independence Auto offers TOP-NOTCH service, with very affordable pricing. I have been in the business for over 20 years. Dealer trained on Toyota/Lexus, Audi/Volks, and Mitsubishi. Extensive electronics training background through NEI and Dunwoody helps ease some of today's complicated auto problems. I have a technician on staff with over 25 years experience including 19 years Mazda Dealer experience. Between the two of us we can diagnosis and repair all makes, give you a fair price, and get it done right. I started in the business years ago, pumping gas, fixing tires etc. at a Full-Service Station. I learned the value of customer service, and common courtesy. You will always receive both when you have your vehicles serviced with me. I look forward to meeting you. Cory Larson/Owner Independence Auto


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Questions Answered by Independence Auto
My car seems to run "cool", only...
If you are still experience heating issues and have had the stat replaced, heater core is the likely suspect. I see issues with the cores often at the shop.
Within the last week my car has been inter...
As the professor said, the Accelerator Pedal Position(APS)switch has been a known problem. I also would be very interested in putting a scope on that Crankshaft Position Sensor. Checking the basic's such as the battery posts and connections would also be prudent. I would hope that they have already done these things, but you never know. If you are still having issues after this visit to the dealer let me know and I would gladly take a look for you. Feel free to give me a call today if you want to discuss your problem.
I put in a new battery and the battery lig...
13 volts is likely not enough. The system needs to be tested under load to properly gauge the output potential of the alternator. Was the light on before installing the battery?
Regarding 4dr 97 honda accord v6 sedan<br>...
Your Honda uses a "captive" rotor design. In order to service the front rotors the bearings will be required. It is a bit more work than a standard brake job.
I have a 2007 Buick Rainier and started ha...
Those are multiple issues, likely not related, but they possibly could be. The keyless entry system will malfunction if a latch position switch is faulty, from a defective module, or from a bad power or ground to the module. The tire monitor system on most vehicles uses it's own module and if the tires are all set to the proper inflation will require a sensor, module, of re-calibration, or perhaps all of the above. Both systems should provide some DTC information if scanned with the proper equipment. Unfortunately there is probably no "quick" fix to either. The systems will need to be scanned and then the faulty components tested and replaced. Sounds like the locks would be the higher priority as that situation could result in keys locked in the vehicle, battery drained, etc. Sorry I can't be more help online, but I will gladly take a look at it if you would like.
How do I know if I broke the pump?
Overfilling the pump would not break it. It would just result in a large fluid mess as the excessive fluid would be pushed out the cap. If the engine was ran long enough with the fluid level low that could have ruined the pump. Allow the fluid to settle...engine off...then recheck the level running and see if you have any assist. If you still do not have any assisted steering you will want to have the system checked. If the system is moaning, cycle the steering back and forth several times from stop to stop. Recheck the fluid level until full. This should bring back the steering assist, otherwise you may need a pump, a steering gear, or possibly both. Hope this helps.
what is the proper procedure to ensure acc...
You may want to be careful before proceeding with small claims court. There are MANY variables to the equation. It depends on what they sold you and why. If you still are having issues with the vehicle let me know.
the car is usually traveling between 50-60...
Not enough info. But if you are moving that fast it is likely not second gear. Could be a failing overdrive clutch, TCC lockout solenoid. Torque converter, or an electrical issue. If the check engine light is on that may help.
Rav4, 4WD manual. Most what I read suggest...
If you havent done the timing belt and water them. Also replace the valve cover gasket. Replace the rear main seal. Check the slave cylinder for the clutch. The smoke is a result of worn valve guide seals. Very common. To do a complete valve job you will need to remove the head and send it to a machine shop. That is your call. The seals can be done without removing the head if you have access to the right tools. If you haven't had another shop start the work let me know. I am a former Toyota Master now running my own shop. If you are doing it yourself I would be happy to advise. Feel free to contact me.
I have a 1998 Accord EX (Automatic/V6). Fr...
Sounds like you have a pressure, or friction problem and are in limp mode. Likely clutches are worn. You could be low on fluid, but if you haven't seen fluid on the ground that is unlikely. I will gladly take a look for you, but you should prepare for a rather large bill regardless of who you go with. Get a hold of me and I will do all I can to work within your budget.
I have a steering colume from a 93 bonnivi...
My guess. No. There are too many variables. I believe both used column and floor shifting. Those years cross the gap between Passlock systems. Find one out of the proper car and year. There are still 10 different options in that year, but you should be able to get an inexpensive one from a junk-yard. If it does have pass-lock the new cylinder and key will require programming or the vehicle will not start. What wrong with the column?
If my car has a non HD radio can I buy an ...
You will need to check with the dealer on that one. Too many possible variables and it is too new for accurate information in the non-dealer world
where can i find videos on replacing 1st a...
Why are you replacing the input and output speed sensors? Very unlikely that they both failed, and you will waste your time and money. If you have codes indicating a correlation problem between the two, that is likely because the transmission is slipping due to worn clutches/low pressure/torn seal/valve body. You may not even feel the slip, but the computer can pick up the subtle difference in input/output speed. If there is a sensor problem, it would be in some common area like a splice or ground. If you have never had a transmission apart before, you are not going to want to tackle the rebuild yourself. Unfortunately my advice would be to let them fix it or have another shop look at it. If I am correct the repairs you are seeking advice on will only cost you more money, and not resolve your issue
2000 toyota avalon with check emgine, vsc,...
You definitely have a engine situation making the lights come on. The VSC is being disabled because of the engine code setting. The MAF sensors are very prone to debris and dirt, and will cause that problem to occur, however if its been cleaned and that still didn't help further check out will be required. Some possible issues would include; vacuum leak, A/F ratio sensor, fuel injectors, fuel pressure, fuel filter. It is also possible that there is an updated software calibration that will broaden the monitor parameter's slightly. If it was at the dealer they should have checked for software updates. I can do a little more digging for you at the shop tomorrow. I don't have access to all of my information from home.
Front brake pads have about 5000 miles on ...
Yes they can. Good rotors would run around $75-$85 a piece plus $46 labor to install. You run the risk of some noise by not mating the rotor and pad surface together from new, but usually with pads that new it will be ok. I do not recommend turning the rotors. You will likely pay the same labor to remove them, then you will pay $30-$35 each, to turn them. Modern vehicles have thin rotors to begin with to keep the weight down. If you machine them, the rotors will warp again before you wear out those pads...I see them warp within 5-10K miles of turning...often.
Could this have been damaged when my trans...
Not likely. They are very common to leak, and would not be a result of the work you mentioned. Depending on the severity of the leak, you can wind up with fluid working its way up the wiring and into the control unit. Best bet is to have it replaced as soon as you can. Plan on changing the pan gasket and fluid as well. Probably around $600-$700 for the repair. I could look for you tomorrow when I am at the shop if you would like. Feel free to contact me if you would like assistance.
#1 current issue: Red stop car too low cam...
Definitely going to need to inspect those front struts. Sounds like the front corner has developed a leak. Ideally you should replace both of them. If you would like to get a hold of me I can help you work out these kinks. The good news is it sound like your compressor is ok. If you replace the struts soon enough you should not have any trouble with the compressor. Feel free to contact me with any other questions you have.
Is a head gasket the same as a intake mani...
No. They are different gaskets. What types of problems are you having? If you'd like you can call me to discuss your issues. Thanks
94&#39; f 150 4x4 has a shifting problem.O...
Slipping is the result of worn material or a torn seal or sticky valve body. If the fluid is full you are looking at removal and rebuild of the transmission. The hard shift is from the computer adjusting the pressure up to counter the slipping. Most likely gonna need a complete rebuild based on the age of the truck.
I don&#39;t know if my corolla stick shift...
You will likely need some syncros inside the transaxle. Possible it is a linkage of clutch problem, but that would likely effect 1st and Reverse the most. Feel free to call if you would like to discuss the issue further
when i accelerate it does not go right awa...
Does it smoke at all. Likely G.T. is on the right track, but ensuring that there is not a more significant issue before spending money on plugs and coils may be a good idea. Feel free to give me a call if you have additional questions.
Recently had it serviced at Saab. They fo...
Anything aftermarket, security, etc. If so...that's a good place to start looking, otherwise a shop should be able to diagnosis it with an amp meter, assuming they can recreate the draw in the shop.
the engine starts of at a light n goes goo...
Could be fuel pressure/delivery. Could be ignition breakdown. Could be several other items as well. You should probably have it checked at a reputable shop.
I have a 2005 Maxima and the A/C went out....
You should be able to eliminate the compressor completely and just run a smaller belt. I would need to see it to know for sure, but I believe that would be an option. If it has an external dryer that price seems a little high for the repairs. If the dryer is part of the condenser it is probably fairly accurate
was only 1/2 quart low. only a slight cla...
Sounds like you may need an engine. Even a slight clatter is usually a very bad thing when it comes to oil pressure. A used engine may be an option. Do you know if you have the single or dual cam engine?
replacing ignition coil #3 and it keeps do...
Possible you have a wiring or ECM issue. You will probably money ahead having it checked and diagnosised properly versus throwing anymore parts at it. Let me know if I can help in any other way.
a catailitic converter, gasket,and manifol...
No wires are a 2.4 They are missing something, and not providing a very ggod service if they keep replacing an obviously good coil. Try a different shop. I will happily look at it for you. My shop is in New Hope.
Where can I check the fuel pressure? <br>a...
To check fuel pressure on that car you need to remove a line and T into the system. This will require a special hose adapter. Probably better to just allow a shop to diagnosis the problem for you, as the adapter and gauge will be more than the check out. Also there may be some other problem even if you bought the equipment to do it yourself. Let me know if I can help in any other way.
Sounds like it&#39;s coming from the front...
To hard to speculate on that. Possible front hub/bearing, front diff, transfer case etc. The rattle could be the pitman, ball joints, etc. You will need to have it looked at for anyone to be able to diagnosis those concerns. Feel free to contact me if you'd like.
Check engine light came on, know that it&#...
Is the valve electric or mechanical? Either way, if it is failed due to a motor winding or torn diaphram cleaning won't help. You also need to verify the intake passages are clean. If the valve is replaced but those are clogged you will still have a problem. EGR operation is critical to valve train life as it keeps the combustion chamber temps lower and prevents valves from burning...particularly those directly adjacent to the incoming EGR gas. To verify the ports are clear you should operate the valve which if its electrical would require a scanner. If it is vacuum operated then the problem could be in the VSV for the EGR valve. I could check which style you have when I get in front of my work computer. could just throw a valve at it, but you may end up money ahead having it checked by a qualified garage. Feel free to call me if you have any other questions
Can any of the recommended services be del...
Yes...both could void aspects of your warranty without proper records of maintenance. Best to just do the service which shouldn't be that much. You don't have to use a dealer to validate those warranties though. Feel free to call me with any other questions
I recently had a new water pump and thermo...
You must have a leak somewhere. You should consider having it looked at and pressure tested. Call me if you would like any further assistance
Would like to have working trac control un...
Hard to say. Could be a wheel speed sensor, could be more involved. Could be the ABS actuator assembly. Those lights will also come on if there is an engine management problem. Call me if I can be of further assistance
I have replaced spark plugs,wires, o2 sens...
You have bad fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, an ECM or a faulty input, or all of the above. You will probably be money ahead having it checked by a qualified technician vrs throwing more parts at it.
How do I change the Coolant sensor level I...
Is it low coolant, or temp. Tow different issues. The level sensor should be part of the reservoir in which case just replace the whole unit. It would be better to check the circuit to confirm the problem is in the sensor. If it is low temp, you may need a thermostat which is tucked under the intake manifold. Depending on your mileage it would be a good idea to have the water pump closely inspected for seepage. If it is seeping and you are over a 100K you are due for a timing belt water pump service anyways. It is very important to not fall behind on that service on this engine. Very costly engine to repair if the belt/pump/or tensioner fail. The reservoir can deceiving and may be low enough to trip the light even though it looks normal. Try adding coolant first. If you are still having issues feel free to contact me. I work on these cars all the time.
Someone said you need to burp it what the ...
You need to make sure the system is circulating. Burping is removing the air from the system. It can be tricky on those cars. There is usually a bleeder screw but often it will break and or leak after loosening. Could be a thermostat, could be fans, could be a headgasket. You may want to have it looked at by a shop. Let me know if can help in any other way
Just bought a used 04 manual transmission ...
None of that really makes sense. I would love to chat with you about it. If you would like to give ma call maybe I can help. That is too many different issues to discuss typing.
The lights come on I have a full thing of ...
Sound like you are going to need a brake job with some rotors, to eliminate the pulsation. The ABS light is a different animal. That is likely a wheel speed sensor and or hub/bearing issue, although I have seen some ABS actuator/module problems on that car. I may even have a used one around. If you give me a call we can discuss repairing your issues.
I have not found any precipitating circums...
That answer was correct. You do have a transmission fault of some kind. I am local and near you. If you would like to have me scan your vehicle I can give you an honest assessment of what's going on. I offer loaner cars if the symptom turns into a longer repair. Beyond that not much help I can offer without knowing what the fault code is. Feel free to contact me at anytime.
my driver side mirror is not tilting when ...
Possible it could be a fuse. I don't have the fuse arrangement in front of me, but your owners manual could point you in the right direction, the more likely scenario is a problem with either the body control module or the mirror control module. Most likely you will need to have is scanned by a qualified shop. I was a former Toyota/Lexus Technician for 12 years before opening my own garage. I would be happy to take a look for you. Feel free to contact me if you would like further assistance. GL
What millimeter tools rear strut replaceme...
I would have to agree with the other answer. Not very practical or possible to predict every tool you will need to do ANY job. If you don't already have the tools needed you will be money ahead paying someone to replace the parts vrs buying the necessary tools. And, as stated, coil springs can be dangerous if not handled properly. The rears springs have much less tension than fronts, but they still need to be handled with care and caution, and replaced using proper equipment. Part of the reason shops need to charge what they do, is because they have all the tools and knowledge to do what you are asking. Sorry I can't be more help, that was not a very concise question.
They found a leak in one of the hoses and ...
Sounds pretty close in the pricing. It is considerable work to replace the evap core. The expansion valve should also be done, and then of course it needs to be charged again. If you would like a second opinion to confirm the failure I would be glad to look at it. It is possible there is something else leaking and not the evap core. Did they confirm it with dye, and/or a camera?
could it be a bad high pressure switc?
It could be, but more likely it's out of freon. Could also be a worn clutch, bad relay, blown fuse etc. Without getting some pressure gauges on it, it is really hard to say. Give me a call if you're interested in having it checked.
The car shifts hard into 2nd gear when in ...
Not a torque converter, although that could have an issue. Hard shifts are usually the result of high pressure. High pressure is the result of slipping, a seal, etc. There are some known issues with the pressure control solenoids of those transmissions. In any case the rear cover has to come off minimum, you likely my need a transmission rebuild if the fluid levels are ok. A scan and monitor of the operating parameters will be needed. Feel free to call with any other questions
So while driving after an hour the tranny ...
Do you know which trans you have. The 01M is known to have internal solenoid and wiring issues. Both transmissions are known for TCM problems. I would need to see the car and check it with Vag-Com to comment further. Work on many Volks/Audis, was a former dealer tech. Feel free to call with any other questions
Oil pumps actually rarely ever fail. If you've really lost oil pressure the bearing will need to be closely examined. Engine should be inspected, then pulled and inspected, and then repaired as necessary to correct the problem. Oil pump alone would be at least 6.5 hours if all went ok, and without confirming the actual pressure before hand. What is that actual issue you are having?
I have been adding about a quart every oth...
Probably need to take a look at it to be helpful. Could be plugs, fuel injectors, a primary input etc. The oil consumption is either a clogged breather system, worn valve guides/rings, leaks or a combination of all three. If you would like, you can give me a call and we can discuss it further.
The Camry was up on a Car Stand for Nearly...
Too many variables. An engine using that much fuel would barely run. Start with the driveability symptoms. Feel free to call if you have other questions
Is there an inexpensive fix for this?
Junkyard is your only cheaper option that I am aware of. There are some knock-off lamps for many vehicles these days that are cheaper, but if the are articulating lamps and HID's it's just flat-out gonna be expensive
passenger side view mirror is cracked and ...
Some mirrors allow for just the glass to be replaced. Check with the dealer. If you need help feel free to give me a call
Replaced because of squealing by a friend....
Depends on who replaced them and the quality of the parts. As stated by pushrod those cheap pads you get at the "big" box auto parts stores are cheap, but cheap usually means just I go through it daily at my shop and 9 out of 10 times it is poor installation (not cleaning all the rust, etc) or cheap pads. You can live with it or have the job done correctly with quality parts. Even then, as a vehicle ages, wear to the hub surface, suspension components, caliper pins, etc all compound to contribute to brake vibration which causes noise. Especially on a vehicle of that age, you will need to ensure the integrity of the entire from end, calipers, rotors, to completely eliminate all nuisance brake noises
I have a 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5 S model, a...
I can help you with both issues. 1- is likely a tune-up issue. Plugs, and probably a coil or two. Possible a fuel injector. I would need to see the car to determine which for sure. $700 seems very high for one arm and align. I just installed two arm and align on a versa for less than that. Get ahold of me and I can work up a price if you would like. My shop is in New Hope, but I can arrange a loaner car for your use while making the repairs
Not sure off the top of my head. You can try to google or youtube it. Otherwise you may just want to have a shop look at it. If it is expensive they are difficult to access. My guess is it should be pretty strsight forward, just don't have access to the proper manuals at the moment
I bought a Subaru Tribeca b9 2009 on the 1...
There are several issues that could cause this, most hard to determine without tear-down. I would be happy to discuss if further, but you should just give me call. I have too many questions. How many miles? Does it do it on restarts? Etc. You can reach me at 763-205-1847 8-5 Mon-Fri or 612-710-1829
Van parked for 2 days-very humid weather. ...
You likely have a couple bad wires or a defective control module. Probably best to have it checked by a qualified shop. Feel free to call with any other questions
My car engine shut off while trying to shi...
Those are not good scenarios. You likely have internal engine issues, and possibly a transmission issue as well. Not much else I can comment on without seeing the car. I will happily look at it for you if you want to have it towed.
The noise I hear at most all times sounds ...
You should probably have it looked at by a shop. Sounds like it is some type of induction noise from possibly from the turbo. Would not expect it to go away, but cars do strange things. Transmission pump is also a possibility, but I would expect some shifting concerns if there were that much pump noise. Give me a call if you would like to discuss further
I recently had the car detailed and when d...
Seems a switch is stuck or wet. Probably need to scan it so that the problem switch can be identified. Assuming live data on the switches is available, a quick check should pinpoint the source.
I&#39;ve seen another post that reports in...
Very hard to say. If you have checked the primary connections, you will probably need to have it checked. I have seen issues with the fuse junction blocks. Need to scan all systems, compile codes, and trouble shoot from there. I can take a look if you would like. Feel free to give me a call
I have a 2006 Kia Sorento I bought brand n...
I would need to hear the noise, but these vehicles are known for brake issues. Calipers have issues, hoses, etc. Another possibility is a bushing or chassis component.
The car is running a little rough and I&#3...
A 2010 may have factory warranty. 5/60. At any rate, I have never seen a water pump cause rough running, unless it got so low on coolant and hot enough to distort components, if that is the case, it is not good! You may very well have a dripping water pump, but if it hasn't over-heated my guess is something else is causing the rough running. Give me a call if you would like to discuss if further
It will run for a few minutes then die and...
Sounds like your fuel pump has failed. As stated you need to test fuel pressure. If you would like additional help or someone to test the pressure for you...give me a call.
I got the prices like this from the local ...
Those prices are actually very reasonable. I would love to earn your business, but cannot work much cheaper than the quotes you gave, in fact, if I were to be honest I would likely be higher. That said, those could be special rate prices, etc. or prices to keep you there. I work on several BMW's and recently put injectors in a 760li, much to the chagrin of the dealer who had quoted high pressure the tune of $8000.00. Problem was solved for considerably less money. The dealer knows what they are doing, but when it comes time to deal with an issue that they would rather just soak you for, is when you want a small garage on your side. The reality is you own a vehicle that will be expensive to maintain and repair. You will always get a fair deal at my shop for those repairs. Give me a call if you would like me to take a look at you vehicle.
The code comes up as po413 vacuum leak. Do...
You will need the tool, or make one yourself. Shops like mine are constantly having to invest in these types of tools. That is just one of many reason we need to get a reasonable rate for the work we do.
When I&#39;m driving along the highway, I ...
You will need to have it checked. Fuel pressure, throttle body, trans limp mode, too many possibilities. Feel free to call if you would like to have me take a look for you.
There is no heat or air and blower motor w...
It is possibly it is the module. Would need to test the other circuits including the resistor. If a module is needed, you could look into a used one. Give me a call if you would like further assistance. The old caddy climate control systems are pretty involved, but we have fixed many of them at the shop.
Only when it is warm outside, I hear a fan...
I would need to know what the codes were when yo last had it checked. GM's can shift funny due to a bad sensor input. They also have issues with the PCS pressure control solenoids on many of their transmissions. Unfortunately not enough info to go on. Call me if the issue returns and you would like me to take a look.
it was running good I shut it off when I t...
Could be wiring, an input, or the coil. Need to test the crank sensor, fuses, etc. or just guess. Probably be money ahead to just have it looked at and have the concern verified. Likely not the ECU but anything is possible. You should be able to measure a voltage average on the trigger side of the coil with it plugged in. That will let you know if it's got a trigger. You can verify signal to the injectors as well to isolate a complete ECU loss of just an ignition problem
Need to replace tires. Size and type?
probably something like a 205/70/15, but you will need to look at the tires. The size is written on the side of each tire.
I can hear the blower motor working, I can...
Assuming that is the problem $150-$200 to repair at my shop. Part quality will effect the price. Let me know if you want me to look at it.
Check engine light came on and stays on ar...
Yes the check engine light is probably related to the fuel cap light. It won't likely cause performance problems. The only drawback to not fixing it is that you will not be made aware of any new concerns with the engine that could lead to more costly repairs. You should consider getting it looked at...if it is a reasonable repair I would recommend you repair it to turn off all the lights. At least this will give you the ability to be made aware of new problems
I have a mechanic that has the ability to ...
Easier to lift after the front bumper and clip removed. Even if you drop it out the bottom you will need a picker to separate the engine and transmission

My Blazer is a 2000 and it runs amazing wh...
Sounds like something if wrong with your passkey. It will likely need a new cylinder and programming. You can call if you have further questions.
O2 sensor stays at .62 range at idle.<br>S...
As stated you need to check base timing. I also do not find that code number? I would be happy to look at it for you and am local. Give me a call if you have further questions
Either an unlock code needs to be entered in the radio head or the new BCM requires a software flash. Not sure which I can try and look later. Either way if you don't have a code you are likely going to need to be the dealer to retireve one or flash. New is what it is
So, we got the truck used from a GMC execu...
You may have a bad body control module. There are a few tests that could be done to see if your RAP (retained accessory power) is staying on. The module could explain the random failures in the cabin as well. Just a thought
Every so often, I am getting a P2797 check...
Unfortunately that is one vehicle I don't have interest working on. There were very few of them sold, and the problems typically require tooling that would be impractical for a small shop like mine. I recommend you go to the dealer, and/or find a small shop with the knowledge to work on that powertrain. Sorry
Discovered a dark black fluid leaking onto...
That does sound accurate. If you would like a second opinion I could look at it for you, or you could try Brooks Automotive. He is on your area. Let him know I referred you.
info on hydraulic shock absorbers, best an...
Would likely need to see the vehicle. Rust and wear can alter the repair costs. Also knowing why they are being replaced is helpful. Feel free to call
I was under the impression there are 3 mot...
There are two that are the most common to wear out. Then the third is a rear transmission mount. If you give me a call I can quote it solid but a ball park price would be $600-$700 for all three. 612-170-1829 Cory
What is happening to the refrigerant if th...
If the system still has pressure then there is an electrical fault in the clutch circuit or a control head problem. If there is no pressure then the system is leaking and they are just unable to find the leak. I will take a look if you would like me to

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