In the back where my speakers are. on 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

My interiror felt on the board is dry rotted and was wondering how I could fix it without making it look bad. I wanted to maybeput gray or black felt back on but not sure if i could take the board off to do it or what.

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Are you fairly handy at hobby and craft work? The board will come out and can be re-covered rather easily. Remove the rear board, scrape the old crap off until it is clean. Go to a fabric store and get the desired material, cut it a little to big and glue it using "3M HD fabric spray adhesive" after reading the instructions on the can. Use a cold iron or the like to smooth the fabric down from the center out. Glue the overlap to the back side and around speaker and other cut outs,. Do this gluing outside then after an hour take it inside, due to cold weather, and let it dry overnight. Reinstall in car. Take your time and it will look like an upholstery shop did it for you! I have successfully installed headliners this way! The cost for materials will be about $25.500 or less, the glue is the the bulk of that! I bet you can do it. Kind of a good feeling when finished! Ps, I saved over $300.00 on my headliner by doing it myself! Getting that board out is most of the work, but that is the 'only' way to do it! Get some help if needed.