1999 Lexus ES300 Q&A

1999 Lexus ES300 Question: In Nov. of 2012 I had a solenoid replaced in bank 2 trouble code P1663-oil

had a pending trouble code of P300, P304 P306 , they replaced it. On 3/6/2013 engine light on with code P1349-VVT bank 1 replaced solenoid on Bank 1. Why weren't they done at the same time and why did I pay 485 in labor the first time and 303.20 the second time, part is $147.29 ea. Are they performing the right services for these codes? -
Answer 1
they are making money off you!!!! switch to a reliable shop -
Comment 1
I called them on it and they reimbursed me my $500, going to a different repair shop :) Thanks -
Comment 2
This same thing happened to me this week in my 00 ES300, got my $500 back & everything!... Now they are telling me I have to replace the computer, is that what you ended up having to do? -