IMRC valve stuck - where is it? on 1999 Ford Escort

Diagnostic code P1518 sez the intake manifold control runner is stuck open. I can't find any mention of this in the Chilton Repair Manual, and could not find the part at Kragen Auto online. Where is it? How do I check it? and how do I fix it? Thanks!

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You will find it located on the lower intake. The IMRC actuator is located on the lower intake drivers side. The 2.0 liter engine has an upper & lower intake.
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I was able to find some info in my Chilton Manual, sorry it's not much info but hopefully it helps.
Trouble Code: P1518 (2.0L L4 Auto)
Intake Manifold Runner Control Malfunction (Stuck Open)
Trouble Code Conditions:
Engine started, and the PCM detected the IMRC Monitor signal was less than its expected calibrated range at closed throttle. An IMRCM PID of 1v at closed throttle indicates a fault.
Possible Causes:
* IMRC monitor signal circuit shorted to power ground
* IMRC Monitor signal circuit shorted to signal ground (return)
* IMRC actuator is damaged or has failed
* PCM has failed
thanx bro... this info you provided was very helpful ta me... k dawg