Hyundai Azera Problem Report

Hyundai Azera Noise on Startup Due to Failing Timing Chain Tensioner

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If you experience excessive engine noise on startup (after the engine has been turned off for several hours) that lasts for more than five or six seconds, turn off the engine and check that the engine oil level is correct. If the oil level is correct, the noise may be caused by the timing chain tensioner. Hyundai has an improved tensioner to correct this problem.

knocking noise upon start up. Goes away quickly. Sounds like an old diesel. -
I've had the same problem. The car was brought into the dealership back in 2011 and they said they "couldn't replicate the sound" which was a flat out lie as I stood there listening to the knock upon start up. Needless to say, it was almost out of warranty and they didn't want to deal with it. Somehow, an upper control arm snapped on the car as well after the car was out of warranty -- I filed a report with the DOT. Hyundai didn't care one bit since nobody was hurt. The entire control arm was $40 with a ball joint (installed myself). I will NEVER go near this car company again. Too many bad experiences. -
I started car this morning loud knocking sound, after few minutes noise goes away, waiting to let car sit a few hours and start it again to see if I get same issue, making appointment with dealer ASAP -
Knocking slapping sound at startup for about 3 seconds. Very noticable but after 3 seconds noise is gone till car is shut off and sits for about a few hours. Oil is new and filter. -
i had the chain tensioner rep;aced at 77000 miles it makes more noise that the old one.The chin guides broke the dealer replaced guides and tensioner i now have 123000 miles on it when i start it it makes noise for 5min or more when i drive it.i have to let it idle or a while so i dont hear the noise/ -
Tapping sound on startup. Noise gradually goes away in 30 to 45 seconds of driving. Timing chain tensioner was replaced at 34212 miles. Repairs seemed to fix problem. Then after 500 miles tapping sound has come back. Problem not fixed, in fact as I type this my Azera is sitting in dealership garage. Dealership now says they will not fix it clamming the sound is normal. Can you believe that? -
Loud valve noise at start-up. Hyundai regional representative deemed normal. If this was normal, the noise would have been present when the car was test driven. I test drove the car twice, no such noise. I will never recommend or buy Hyundai again! -
I have a clattering noise at cold or hot start after letting the car sit for 5-10 min. Dealer told me it was normal to hear this, frustrating. I will make another appointment to address this but maybe at a different dealership? -
Loud clattering noise at cold start up for about 5 seconds -
That whining noise on startup is the surpentine belt idler pulley, not the timing chain pulley. Pully cost about $20 but difficult to get at the spring loaded pulley to remove the belt. Mine's going in the garage this week to replace. -
ticking sounds like lifters in old cars and goes away after driving five minutes. extra oil helps a little, along with engine flush but noise still there but doesnt last as long -
Noisy lifters for about 30 seconds after start up, when engine is cold. -
Same ticking noise until engine warms up for a couple minutes. Worse when it's cold out. -
same problem -
Car is new to us, and is in Perfect condition except for that. -
Dealer fixed it under warranty. No charge, except for the oil refill, even though the oil interval had not reached the time to change it. -
noisy whin related to RPM accereation. New tensioner pully put in--noise gone -
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