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Imported Car Care Center
May 20, 2015

Wow, talk about getting ripped off! Worst customer service I have ever received. I will NEVER take my car here again, ever. I would strongly advise to anyone thinking about taking their car here to go somewhere else for a second opinion, which I absolutely regret not doing, because i could've easily saved myself $700 and a ton of aggravation.

I took my car here to get looked at when I noticed that the check engine light had gone on. They called me to let me know that the light was on because two of my sensors "needed" to be replaced, which together, including their insanely high labor costs, came out to be $700. I paid the $700 to get it fixed, only to have the check engine light go right back on within five minutes of getting my car back.

The next day when I took it back, they called to tell me that the REAL reason my check engine light was on, was because I needed one of my engine mounts replaced, which they tried to charge me an additional $290 for! I tried reasoning with the guy explaining that since they obviously overlooked that the first time around, and mistakenly told me that the issue was my sensors, that I should AT THE VERY LEAST be discounted in some way. He then had the NERVE to tell me that "it wasn't his fault that my engine mount went bad." Is this guy kidding me??? He's right, it wasn't his fault that the engine mount went bad, (who ever said it was???) but it WAS his fault that they couldn't figure this out BEFORE making me pay $700 for something that never even needed to be fixed!!

It took A LOT on my end to talk the guy down price wise, but all I was able to get was about $50 less, and I was disgusted that he even made me pay them a second time to get the real problem - the problem they should have seen the FIRST TIME - fixed. It turns out I didn't even need my sensors replaced, but due to their poor workmanship (or perhaps they just felt like ripping me off?) I completely wasted $700.

This place is totally full of itself and they clearly do not have their customer's best interest in mind. To make matters worse, I have actually been a good customer of theirs for almost ten years, and this was how I was treated. They obviously do not care about their relationships with their customers. Pretty sad. Do yourself a favor and find a different mechanic.

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