Immobilizer Light Flashing, but Car Runs on 2004 Volkswagen Beetle

This is the first time I've encountered this issue. I had trouble starting my car 3 times today. But, after a few tries (scares that the car might be dead), it started and ran fine. The most recent time, the engine immobilizer light started flashing. I still need to make it home. Any words of advice?

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If your battery is low, you can erase the adaption in your immoblizer system, which means that your car will not start. Is the Battery original? I would have someone check your immobilzer system as well, just to be sure, because the transducer that surrounds the key can fail, not uncommon.
The battery in my car was replaced maybe 3 years or so. How would someone check the immobilizer system? Is it something that can be easily checked? Thanks for your help!
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My car is doing the same thing! I had my battery replaced a few months ago, then four days ago it started randomly doing this. Sometimes it will start just fine and the immobilizer light won't blink...and then it will do this another time. Does it sound like the immobilizer needs reset?