IMA,Check Engine Light,(P1420/P1600) SRS Light are on and code P1420? on 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

I bought this car in March. IMA and Check Engine light was on. Had diagnostic done at Honda asap. They said the only issue was the 12v. So I replaced it. Tech said there wasnt any communication found with the IMA system. So they didnt know why the light was on. So they did a software update. Lights were off for about 100 or so miles. Then came back on. Then a lil more time goes by, it would turn back. For the last few months, the lights would come on and just go off. The times it came on, it was raining. Ive noticed the light recently came back on when it was humid and raining. It hasnt turned off then. And its been over a month. Im trying to sell it now. I went to Autozone and the codes they pulled are P1149, P1420 and P1600. Ive done some research about these codes online, But still dont know what to do. Thank You in advance.

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The p1149 and p1420 likely relate to one another. p1149 air fuel ratio sensor may be setting up the p1420 catalytic converter failure. At least you hope get a airfuel ratio sensor first and hope the catalyst does not need to be replaced.
The P1600 is the most commom problem when the high voltage battery is failing by my research....but a factory scan tool is needed to diagnose that problem.
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hi there
the problem it may be
tha ignition coil check the 8 ignitions if there are working good
that was the problem on my