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2000 Honda Insight Question: IMA light is on

vehicle stutter steps at various speeds, does fine when accelerating -
Answer 1
My vehicle bucks and stutters @ 59-65-does ok @70-maintenance light is on-then oil light comes on when it does this and it decelerates when bucking-so i have to pull over to the shoulder of the road..what is your diagnosis Doctor Repair Pal? jan9787@gmail.com -
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why is my ima light continually on plus my check engine light as well.
Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) battery failures are not uncommon. The IMA battery will require replacement when it fails.
what are the potential causes that could trigger the IMA light? Car has 122000 miles.
little over 100k auto,check engine and ima light came on driving highway.codes pulled up,p1456,p1449.just happened today,12/29/10.could feel power loss compared to before lights came on.
ima light came on at 108k - do not want to replace battery - will i cause additional damage if i drive on the gas only engine.