IMA Battery Replacement on 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid has 82,000 miles. Just recently my IMA light came on. The dealership told me that I need a new IMA battery, and the cost is $2865. Was also told that the warranty expired at 80,000. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this accurate information?

by in Castro Valley, CA on March 26, 2010
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ANSWER by , March 26, 2010
This may be best suited to one of the hybrid forums, try this one for starters:
ANSWER by , March 29, 2010
you have a 10 year, 150,000 mile warranty extension, it's free!
COMMENT by , August 05, 2010
this is true in certain states, such as New York, but not in Florida (as I just found out today).
COMMENT by , September 09, 2010
I also live in Florida...why are we not covered? Can you give me a website so I can read up on that? Thanks!
COMMENT by , November 26, 2010
The 10-year, 150,000 mile warranty extension is not true for vehicles built before 2006. Unfortunately, our 2003 Civic Hybrid needs its battery replaced and it ain't gonna be free.
ANSWER by , March 29, 2010
I was told that my warranty on the 2003 battery expired at 80,000 miles. I am double checking. Thanks.
COMMENT by , July 19, 2010
My IMA light came on at 37,000 miles while under warranty and was replaced free. Was told that it would have cost me $5,000 to replace if it had not been under warranty!! Spent over $300.00 before that at the dealership to be told it was something else wrong and was not under warranty. A true rip-off. When I bought my 2003 Honda, was told the warranty was 7 yrs / 70,000 miles. Guess it depends which Honda dealership you purchase your car from!?!
ANSWER by , August 20, 2010
Hello: call Honda of north america, this hybrid batteries carry a 10 years 150000 miles warranty, dealers are desperate to sell, i have an Insight 2000, and still has warranty until june 2010, also check to see if there is ( and there is!!!) recalls for your model... Good luck...
ANSWER by , September 11, 2010
I have an 2003 Civiv Hybird and hadn't had ay problems untill it reached 214,000 miles. I have a check engine light and a IMA light and was told by Honda dealership to replace both.I havent't as of yet found a frount Converter replacement yet. I haven't looked for the batteries but I am told ther is an after market for them.
ANSWER by , December 29, 2010
My 2004 Honda IMA light came on in Oct 2010 and again this december. Was told I need to replace the IMA battery and the cost would be $2500. However I only have 54,000 miles on the car and the warranty (in Maryland)is for 80,000 miles. It appears that age as well as milage may be a problem for battery. I keep mine garaged and drive it mostly local, low milage.