I'm wondering if it is in fact my starter that needs to be replaced. on 2006 Dodge Dakota

My 2006 Dakota began to sound like the battery needed to be replaced a few days before when I first started it now all I hear is a clicking noise when I turn the key. There is still lots of juice going to the dashboard and headlights so it is not the battery. Is it really the starter or solenoid?

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When you say it "began to sound like the battery" did that mean that when it was cranking it was slow or hesitant to crank? The clicking noise does sound like a failed battery. A weak or aged battery can operate low amperage electrical loads like dash lights and such, but when the larger demands of the starter motor is needed, the battery has to have the available amps to run it. To be sure you need to have your mechanic check out the starting and charging systems.
You were right. It was the battery that needed to be replaced.
Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
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