im not getting any electricity to the fuse box but everything works . on 1991 Pontiac Firebird

fuel pump comes on for a few second at the turn of the key then wont start or come back am i puzzled im a cretified outboard mechanic, but gots me stumped. i checked the fuseable links to the starter and there good ,new relays and fel pump .some please help if you can lead me were to check next.much apreciated.

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Everything cant be working with no power to fuse box! Pump is supposed to run then stop after turning key on until cycled again or turned to the start position. Check fuel pressure and ignition fire (spark).
i shot carb cleaner in the intake and it started for a second i think i have christine's twin sister
Well you aint gota worry about spark anymore! Just fuel pressure. Hell if you ask me I think they are ALL kin.
Guess i been doing it to long.
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agree with wetry
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