I'm new to 350 last yr....had 21K mi. it drifts rt 90% of time on 2008 Lexus RX350

Had it ckd'd by dealer, aligned F.E.....everything in spec.....still drifts rt on almost all roads. If in left lane, drift is to left, not so bad...a few rds it's OK......Is this just a Lex thing?? in that it is very sensitive to the "crown" of the road ??? It's not a "sharp or strong" drift, but after several hrs of having to hold a little pressure it get's bothersome.

Thanks, Rod

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face palm. most roads have a slight hump shape to help water run off into ditches. alot of people think they have an alignment problem when they dont because they think its pulling to the right but naturally the car will want to steer that way because its not level on the road.
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I think i would rotate the tires front to rear or could swap front tires L/s to rt/s than road test. Many times a drift problem is in the tires