I'm looking for a split CV boot repair kit for the inner boots for my 97 Accord
on 1997 Honda Accord

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I want to repair my inner CV boot myself w/o having to take the axle apart. I'm looking for the split boot repair kit for the inner boots for the 97 Honda Accord but so far i've only found the Dorman universal kit for the Outer boots only. Can I maybe try fitting those on my inner boot axle the are attached to the Rack& Pinion?
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its cheaper to repl axle shaft assm. the axles are only approx 60.00 and boot kits are obsolete now. by the time you find the boot kit if you do and add labor you will be into it more than buying an axle and repl it as an assm that comes with all new boots
Yeah I've been reading the reviews on those boot kit and most folks indicated that they are pretty worthless since the glue usually breaks as soon as the axle starts spinning or it takes 4+ hours to maneuver the thing on the axle due to the tight area you're working in. I also saw a bunch of YouTube videos on how to replace axles and that's more work than I want to spend the time doing!

Thanks for the advice!
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