im having trouble with my honda odyssey while im driving it shuts down no power on 2006 Honda Odyssey

While I'm driving on the freeway or anywhere ill pull over put on park started again and well start sometimes not all the time my husband put in the scanner and the code po685 comes out we don't know how to fix it we don't know where the part is at we took it to a shop left it for a week and they couldn't find anything wrong

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Did you ever find a solution? My 2006 is doing the same thing...
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DTC P0685-ECM/PCM power control circuit/internal circuit malfunction. two main conditions to set this code are a faulty ECM/PCM or a voltage issue such as a bad pin connection , faulty battery . faulty PGM-FI main relay/or connections to it ,ignition switch contacts.TESTING all possible connections /conditions of components is key to proper diagnosis.If it is not a failure of internal PCM then the other possibilities may be very time consuming to test and find. Dealer may be your surest place for proper diagnostics , just due to the more thorough information available. Good luck.