2008 Mercury Milan Q&A

2008 Mercury Milan Question: I'm having problems with my anti-lock brake system.

Once the anti-lock brakes activates it seems to pump air in the hydraulic system. The first time I was able to bleed the brakes and bring the pedal back to normal. The second time bleeding the brakes didn't help. No warning lights appear and the brakes work fine, only the pedal is very close to the floor. I'm afraid it will not pass our state safety inspection. Any suggestions? -
Answer 1
Possibly an issue with your ABS module. -
Answer 2
could be abs issue seek diag and est to repair -
Answer 3
There are at least 40 people with this car experiencing this problem, which is a safety issue. KTVU/FOX, the number 1 TV station in San Francisco. CA is investigating. Please contact the producer, Sharon: Sharon.navratil@ktvu.com (510)874-0500 -