I'm having four codes P0172 0102 0175 0174.... on 2001 BMW 325i

Going up hill the engine is sludges no power , also notice my housing for the thermostat hose is sucked in ( like if some one squeezed it ) after car gets cold

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car is runnung lean on both banks. ck for vaccumn leak or poss mass air flow sensor is bad.have it tested
I checked air leaks and changed Air flow sensor .. Still having problems... What's up with hose for the tstat being squeezed from the reservoir tank to the housing after car gets cold??? Is that the thermostat not closing ???
ck coolant level to start with. where did you buy the mass air flow?
I took it out a friends car .. I'm working on it this weekend . Got a new thermostat and the oil separator kit . I'm hoping that will fix any issues . I will get back with update
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