Im getting oil on the spark plug wire & on bottom of spark plug itself will that on 1992 Acura Vigor

Caus ti to missfire?

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yes repl valve cover gasket and the plug hole seals that come with gasket set, thats whats leaking
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Spark plug 'tube seals'. Some gasket sets don't automatically come with them. Best to get a complete gasket set with the bolt/nut grommets too. Factory parts are best and I strongly suggest you clean everything with brake-clean extremely well and put the gasket on dry & do not over-torque.
Yes that will cause a misfire. Im thinking your plugs are in the middle of the valve cover. If so you need to replace valve cover gasket and do tune up.
I did a tune up on it. Made it a lil better. But still getting oil in spark plug. what causes the oil to get undre the spark plug?
The valve cover gasket is almost surely your problem. Only after I actually had it in front of me could I be more sure.
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