I'm getting a p0455 (EVAP large leak) Replaced the gas cap & still get the same on 2003 Dodge Caravan

used a MAC smoke injector and can't find leak. replaced hoses and still getting code up to two weeks after I clear code

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code be intake leak or other issues. what is fuel trim readings telling you? if its lean it could be intake leak which u might not see with smoke test
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Could be electrical control issue with purge solenoid or cvs valve. Being able to read live data would be a plus in diagnosing. How long (miles , drive cycles) does it take for the code to return? Dealer might be best bet for proper evap system diagnosis.
I have a MAC ET99 code checker and I can watch live data, but the problem is so intremittent I can't catch it. I pumped the intake manafold full of smoke and nothing showed up. Seems like a purge solenoid would kick a P0441 or a P0443. I was 100 yesterday and near that today so I'm going to crawl under it again tomorrow and check if I missed something.
The 'intermittent' part is what annoys all of us with these type of problems!! Good luck.
hi, i had i friend that has the same car and there was a cracked hose by the air cleaner also he had pinholes in the filler pipe it is hard to see i had a least three fords that had this problem