Ihad a small leak of coolant running down the right (driver side) between the wa on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

This leak is right at the water pump near where the power stiring resevoir. I replaced the water pump, but it did not look bad (153,000 miles). Also replaced the top hose & thermostat, Ihave 1 bolt left & don;t know where it goes. It did not leak at first, but now it has the same leak it had before i started. A mechanic told me it may be the intake gasket.

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poss timing chain cover, very common
pressure test cooling system to see if you can find a leak
Yes we did do a test & it did slowly loose pressure. I see the leak, but it is hard to tell with everything still on. Thanks for the input.
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Could be the intake or possibly the timing chain cover gasket.
Hey thanks alot. That is what my Mechanic told me, but he's not as concerned as i am. I guess i need to pull it apart again & this time get all the bolts back in.
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