2001 Acura RL Q&A

2001 Acura RL Question: Ignition will click once but not start the car.

If I pull back slightly on the key(exact amount of tension)the car starts right up....any ideas? -
Answer 1
maybe your battery is low -
Comment 1
Battery metered out at 12.71,thanks for the reply -
Answer 2
Bad ignition switch -
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That's what I thought.Acura says it's a bad starter.'It's @ another shop now,this mech. also says a bad starter. New starter being put in now.I'll let u know how it works out.BTW 2nd shop charged 1/4 of the Acura estimate. Thanks alot. -
Answer 3
Due to the specific condition described about the key position , I would be really surprised if it actually is the starter. PLEASE post the actual repair , when it's done. I'm personally leaning towards the ignition switch, but that doesn't mean much(other than that I have poor balance). -
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My mech. put in the starter and since I got the car back I've started it up about 6 times with no problems.He must have been right,but I still don't understand it. Glad it was the starter,much cheaper than an ign. switch. Thanks again for the reply and happy new year. -
Comment 2
thanks for the reply and happy new year to you too! -