Ignition switch problem on 1990 Cadillac Eldorado

The anti theft alarm sez remove key wait 3 minutes, this happens off and on. I have tried both keys,same thing happens. I have 180,000 miles on her she runs great other than this problem.

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you need to go to the dealer and get another ignition key the small metal resistior on your old key is worn out
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I experienced the same problem with my 90 Eldo. Gm used a VERY "generic" anti-theft system around these years called "VATS". Without going into too much detail, There are about 15 different keys with a little chip (actually a resistor) on the key. First, make sure the little metal spots on both sides of the "chip" are clean and retry. If that doesnt work, you will have to get a little more invasive (less expensive,but less secuity)or have the keyswitch replaced (more expensive, but more security). Your VATS system is not "seeing" the correct resistance from your key chip. First, take an ohm meter and touch both metal strips on each side of the chip on your key and write the resistance down. Next, hit your closest electronics store (Radio shack) and pick up a resistor that has the same resistance as your chip. This resistance has to be very close to your chip resistance so you may have to use more than one resistor to get the resistance you need. Now, Pull the cover underneath the steering wheel and look for two small wires that go to a little plug. The two tiny wires may be white and encased in an orange jacket. These come from your keyswitch. DO NOT MESS WITH ANY YELLOW CASED WIRES OR WIRES TAGGED: AIR BAG, SUPPLIMENTAL RESTRAINT ETC... Unplug the tiny wires and insert the resistor you got in the plug that you disconnected. Not the plug that leads into the steering column but the plug that leads under the dash. insert your key and turn it to on. If the anti-theft message doesnt appear, the keyswitch or wires running to the keyswitch are bad. If it does, This could indicate a bad VATS computer. If no message appears, wire in the resistor more permananently and start the car. BE AWARE THAT YOUR VATS SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED! NO ANTI-THEFT!. Hope this helped you. It helped me and I just installed a more modern alarm system to replace the old VATS system. Steve
we had same problem it was the pass key moduler (only if key has black chip in it ) it sends a magnetic coade to a cilanoid to tell it the key our problem was cozed by a plate in steering colum slid down and striped wires so it wouldnt work cost 230$ at dealer ship to fix