ignition switch advice on 2004 Volvo XC90

the key goes in ignition switch and turns 3/4 of the way but not 100% of the way and this will not start.

Asked by for the 2004 Volvo XC90
Sounds like the ignition switch is bad. There are two parts to the switch, an electrical and the mechanical section. Either one could be binding.
Yes the key does nt want to come out and then after 5min it will come out
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Hi, Sounds like the ignition lock cylinder assembly has failed internally, you will need to bring the XC90 in to a Volvo Specific repair facility or a Volvo approved locksmith to remove this lock cylinder. It might take 3-5 days for Volvo to build your lock cylinder by VIN code.
If your XC90 is located in San Francisco, give us a call and we're be more than happy to serve you. We're also AAA Approved Repair Facility, so you can have AAA tow the XC90 to us. Good luck, -Sam
Sounds like the ignition lock is bad but also needs to check the cable between the lock and the shifter it could also cause the same issue...