ignition switch? on 1998 Honda CR-V

Car randomly dies out when driving. Will start up again no problem after a minute. Mechanices replaced ignition coil and gave tune-up. Did not solve problem. Could it be the fuel pump or ignition switch? Had it replaced with recall in 2005.

by in Hobart, IN on December 20, 2009
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ANSWER by on December 21, 2009
If the dash lights won't illuminate when the car dies try to move the key around a bit to see if the lights come on. If so then the issue is the electrical portion of the ignition switch. I don't see many problems with fuel pumps however there could be an issue with the PGMFI main relay that controls the fuel pump.
ANSWER by on August 28, 2010
My 98 crv had the same problem. I replaced the ignition module and the coil which are mounted together in the distributor. when they get hot you will lose the spark. after the car cools a few minutes, it will restart. This is typical of any and all gasoline powered cars. it is not exclusive to honda. seeing that you have already replaced the coil, you only need the control module. It's about $66 at autozone.
ANSWER by on August 17, 2011
Distributor problem. Just happened to me on Saturday... Much cheaper than fuel pump!
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