ignition switch on 1999 Honda Prelude

i have a 1999 honda prelude, and i dont really know whats wrong with my car lately. my car sometime die on me when im driving on the streets and freeway. and when i start my engine and let it run for like 5 minutes or so, my car just shut off. do you have any idea or anything that i can know? please help

by in Oakland, CA on August 24, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 24, 2009
Vehicle Application: 1998 Honda Prelude 2.2L Customer Concern: The engine starts and stalls. Tests/Procedures: 1. Test the ignition switch by locating the 5-cavity Brown connector in the driver's fuse box just above the fuses. Locate the Black/Yellow (BLK/YEL) wire in the Brown connector. That wire should have battery voltage in the start and run position. 2. If the BLK/YEL wire does not have battery voltage in the run position, jump battery voltage to the BLK/YEL wire. If the vehicle keeps running, the ignition switch has failed. Refer to Honda recall TSB # 02-031 for the updated ignition switch and part number. Potential Causes: Ignition Switch Tech Tips: Do not replace the ignition key and tumbler, if that is replaced the immobilizer system will have to be reprogrammed. Diagnostic Codes: None
COMMENT by on August 24, 2009
Your question is very incomplete. Is the check engine light on? It could possibilly be a fuel pump. When it dies does it restart right away?
ANSWER by on November 09, 2010
check your alternator and all your electrical
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