ignition Problem on 1995 Dodge Ram Van 1500

my van wont start.but the starter is good.i could turn the ignition,but the starter wont kick on.i have to jump it from the starter.i'm not sure if it's the wire.or if the ignition switch is bad..Please Help me...

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well try to install Ingnition switch. But before you install the new part. Try system ignition test before you suggest anything more then that. Like test the starter relay switch. Test the starter with a DVOM meter, while some one turn the ignition key, to see if you have a Voltage or Amperage drop-- the voltage should not be under 9.6 volts with 100 amps> Its better to keep all amperage power since the engine take up alot of Engine Compression inside the engine. Amps and volts are the main key for proper running order for your van or whatever you driving. Oh, one more thing, some cars, trucks vans, and ect. Starters also have fusable links too aswell starter relays. Fuseable link look like a big piece of rubber, hooked between two wires that can be on the red side or the hot side, so the speak. If you located, try to bend or see if the fuseable link looks burnt, if is replace it with the same amperage that came with, its nomeraly 100-150 amps. Hopfully you will find the problem.
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Its probably the ignition switch, here's a online guide to replace it but it's probably a job for a qualified mechanic Parts price is approx $25 to $53 depending on the parts store
There is a 20 amp fuse in a box under the hood next to the master cylinder. Check/change this blown fuse.
Check the ground wire from the motor to the body. I had this same problem.
ive had the smae problem but it because the terminal post on the battery is made out of aluminum and they can stretch out and lose a bad connection. i went pep boys and got new ones for $5. i only changed the negative one and now it starts with no problems at all.