ignition problem on 1992 Toyota Camry

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my camry runs great, but for only about 10 miles and then the ignition stops working. once it cools down it starts up again. I replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pressure is great. the altenator is fine also
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No check engine light? If so, what code? I had this happining in my 90 Cressida. It was the primary connection (12 volt) for the ignition coil. The bad connection caused it to heat up and disconnect. In my 84 Maxima, the fuel pressure regulator would not hold the correct pressure over 40mph and the engine would run out of fuel. Another regulator held too much pressure and the engine would flood when I slowed down. When it dies and you crank it, does the tach move? The signal for the tach comes off of the igniter. David