1990 Toyota Camry Q&A

1990 Toyota Camry Question: Ignition Locked

I own a 1990 Toyota Camry and went to start it but the key won't turn. Is the ignition lock bad? How can you tell? -
Answer 1
turn your steering wheel just a little and it should unlock it -
Answer 2
if that dont work take the back end of a screwdriver and hit the ignition casing while turning the key I had to do this for a bit on my van and eventually just replaced the steering coloum -
Answer 3
1997 Toyota Camry Key Wont turn, Ignition Lock problem -1997 toyota camry FIXED!!! I see a lot of Douches with a capital D trying to charge people to fix this extremely common issue with this Camry ignition cylinder. OK pull the plastic guard off encasing the steering column. Get a phillips head screwdriver and remove the 2 screws holding the little off-white connector at the rear of the module(it has the wires to the ignition running to it). Get a pair of pliers or a small crescent wrench and while trying to turn the key use the wrench to turn the little rod sticking out of the back of the module. Make sure your turning it WITH the direction the key is trying to turn it. It should immediate be freed. Voila IT WORKS! AND THATS WHY PEOPLE DONT TRUST MECHANICS! HOW CAN YOU CHARGE SOMEONE FOR THAT INFO? -
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