Chevrolet Malibu Problem Report

Chevrolet Malibu Key Stuck in Ignition Lock Cylinder

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The automatic transmission shifter may fail causing the ignition key to become stuck in the ignition lock cylinder.

key moves into all positions and car starts but once in park and off position i can not remove my key its been stuck for about 10 days now!!! -
My malibu isn't going into park all the way. The key gets stuck until I finally get it into park. Now, my car key is free and the car appears to be in park. But, the next time I go to drive it, it is completely dead. The ignition must be stuck in aux. or in between. The car has no power at all. -
I am having trouble with my shifter it is getting stuck in park and takes me quite some time to even get lucky and be able to put it in drive and take off. Anyone know what I need to do to fix this. It is really making me angry. I feel like I am going to get stuck somewhere with the car stuck in park. -
in order to get my key out of the ignition i have to jiggle the shifter -
The ingnition will not turn all the way into off position for me to take the key out the ignition. It started out as an occasional thing but now it is every time I drive the car. -
Usually in colder weather, the key gets stuck in the ignition. I can turn the car completely on and off, but removing the key is difficult. The car usually needs to be warm. This is a problem if I need to just park my car or go on short trips. -
key wont turn off stuck in the on position have to pull battery to turn off -
i put shifter into 'park'. but, if it doesn't -pop-, the key won't go all the way to 'off' position; hard time getting it out. i'm the original owner and it's been this way since day one. over the years, i've made the 'mistake' of having my car valet parked. and when they couldn't get the key out, instead of jiggling the shifter, as i know to do, they yanked the key out in while it was at the 'ACC' position. so, now it can be yanked out. but if left at 'ACC', after some time, the battery will go dead. -
car won't go in park, and can't pull the ignition key. -
I parked when I came back the key wont turn. -
I have the same problem the key won't go into the off position because of the shifter. The car was owned by my mother and she hardly used it and said she didn't have the problem. Now that I have it this is happening more and more.02/10/2015. -
My key gets stuck in the ignition and i have to pull my car out of park put it back in giggle the gear shift and then it will catch -
car will not shift from park and key will not come out.. -
Shifter button won't un-engage so you can move it into all gears without the ignition running. Key will not come out of ignition b/c it thinks car is still engaged!! Of course just hit 100000 miles a few days ago. -
Can't get key out of the ignition switch ... usually have to start/shut down/park several times. The problem has coincided with problems with the gear shifter (mainly getting it move when I start the car, after that it is fine). I still haven't solved it. Had the same problem last year for a month or so but the spontaneously it started working again (prayer!) but is back with problems now. Am dreading the expense! I've seen GM is fixing a number of GM cars with this problem free of charge ... shouldn't Malibus be included? -
When I turn off my car the key will not come out sometimes do to the shifter not being in the proper place while in park. I was able to push the shifter back and forth and sometimes it will free the key when it finally gets in the right place. But now the top of the shifter, the part you hold and push the button to change gears, comes off in my hand. -
ingishon kee stuck in ingishonn how do i fix it -
I have been having trouble removing my key from the ignition for a while. As long as jiggled the shifter into park it was fine. Now my key cannot be removed at all although I jiggle the shifter. There was a recall on my car in regard to unintended ignition key rotation but when I called the dealership they said my problem was not covered by the recall. -
i Key gets stuck and i have to hit the gear stick a couple of times or take it out of park and back in before it catches and wants to release -
My key keeps getting stuck, to the point I cant get it out for hours. it keeps my lights on as well -
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