ignition fuse on 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

My ignition fuse keeps blowing. Last time I replaced it and it miraculously worked. i dont get a check engine light so my diagnostic tool won't work but I get the key beep for the seatbelts and the clock so I know the bettery is fine. How can I tell which wires are the ignition wires? Are they only on top of my Spark plugs things where the coils are? Or are there some where the fuse is as well? I noticed my o2 sensor had been burned through and those wires are exposed but I don't think that has anything to do with the "igniting" problem. The car will churn but wont jump to go. I ws driving it and all the dials went to 0.

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I strongly recommend having your car checked by someone with good electrical system knowledge. You mention a few items of serious concern - burned sensor, exposed wires, blown fuses... These are situations best tended to, or you risk even a fire hazard...let alone a vehicle that you cannot depend on.

Good luck!