ignition cylinder replacement can I keep original car keys on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E320

My key fits in ignition but it won;t turn it is stuck and sometimes it will turn if I jiggle the ignition but ignition is loose , yesterday took car for maintenance and left valet key with mechanic he trouble using valet key and tried to fiddle with it , when i picked up car mechanic told me to use master key , but it does not work now but did before I took to mechanic , the ignition is now loose and nome of my keys turn easy or not at all and maybe will turn over if i jiggle ignition and wheel and than maybe after a while it will connect, this is hurting my hand , I have arthritis

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In most cases the new ignition lock cylinder can be "coded" to match your original key. If you original key is worn, it may need to be replaced also.